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For Honor Game Evaluation
Feb 25, 2017 3:03 PM
drwhat Founder - Joined: Oct 06, 2013
Posts: 7
For Honour does most the items it's trying right, but there's still some kinks in the armour. Combat is heavy having an emphasis on precision. The fundamentals are simple. You have three attack quadrants, right, left, or more. Changing directions with the right stick you choose which angle your attack or block will be. When you dive in deeper characters have light and heavy attacks as well as a guard break/throw. Light and heavy attacks can often be combined depending on the character, some characters have a guard break combo as well. Your defensive options are varied and many. A well time dash or a parry on reaction can drain an opponent's stamina if your patient. Like all competitive games, there are certain characters or load outs people gravitate to, but there's always a chance or answers at least if it's 1v1. One of the kinks I mentioned earlier comes in the form of nullifying throws. In a strange design decision, it's based off impact instead of reaction, which is what the rest of the game is based on. This has turned into an epidemic of people mashing guard break to get people off cliffs or into spike for a one hit kill.

The Vikings, knights, and samurai are the three factions you could choose from. This choice solely effects the meta game behind the For Honour multiplayer. You can start with any class you want, as well as use the in-game currency steel to unlock others. Steel can also be used for loot boxes that contain gear for that specific character. While the gear has an effect on your statistics, it only carries over to the 4v4 modes. Dominion is an objective based territory game where most of the time people aren't actually paying attention to points. Elimination, which a lot more than often becomes a chase going back guy (or your match runs to double team your teammate). Skirmish is merely team death match and is apparently hated by simply about everyone. The issue with one of these 4v4 modes (lacking not really being fun) is that the maps are very basic. It can be a design decision, but lacking one each of them feels very samey. After 60 hours I cannot name among the maps, that could be a pointless fact but do with it what you would. Another shame here's that you will get a lot more experience for levelling your character, gives you "feats" that work much like gear. A few of these include instant kill items, bows that claim to accomplish "moderate damage" but do 50%-70% health, and also a catapult that when place correctly can destroy a whole team. 4v4 is a bit frustrating, to say the least.

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The 1v1 and the 2v2 brawl are where For Honour truly shines. Patience in these game modes (1v1 especially) is more than just a virtue, it's a lifeline. I was starting a duel with someone and we circled each other for about three minutes. Poking and slashing to feel the other out, and as the rounds went by we each started adapting to the other. By round 3 we started jumping into the fight quicker and it felt like we were both learning something each time. At it's best this is what For Honour is, slow paced, but the fight can end in a few heartbeats if your not focused. Same goes for 2v2, and yea sometimes it does fall to 2v1 but the revenge mechanic can help with that. The revenge meter is something that builds over the course of a match. If you happen to be attacked by more than one opponent it fills much faster, sometimes feeling like an instant. Using your revenge can knock anyone mid swing to the ground, as well as giving you a bit of armour and infinite stamina (for limited time naturally). This can help you fight off 2 or even more foes, but as that number decreases so do your probability of victory.

You'll think with three roughly betas they wouldn't have network problems at launch. Unfortunately, this is certainly another dent set for Honour chest piece. Whenever anyone leaves a match there is a chance of stutter. this stutter can occur mid fight, mid-swing, or worse after you have gained a kill. The latter leading to your opponent time for the land of the living. If the coordinator declines out, this break in action WILL happen. There have been even times where in fact the pc gamer locked up because (I'm assuming here) several people like the host will need to have left close to the same time. Hopefully, with time and continued support, this can be fixed.

The story mode in For Honour is very serviceable. It seems to play it safe more often than I'd like. Missions are generic and somewhat repetitive. Characters have motivation but I couldn't find myself caring about any of them. It's very cut and dry, with the story basically coming down to "war is bad, but whatcha gonna do"? It does give you the opportunity to play some of the classes and find a playstyle that suits you. For all the great things about For Honour, there's still things about it that make me groan. And after several dozen hours, I don't think I'll be returning anytime soon.
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