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For Honor Game Evaluation
Category: Reviews
by Drwhat
Feb 25, 2017 3:03 PM
MxGaming - Gaming Communies, Clan and TeamSpeak Rules!
Category: Announcements
by Drwhat
Jul 26, 2016 12:42 PM
Moderators needed!
Category: news
by Drwhat
Jul 15, 2016 2:36 PM
Arma Developer Applications
Category: news
by Drwhat
May 20, 2016 7:01 PM
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FINAL FANTASY XV coming to PC with mods.
1st things 1st, Final Dream XV will certainly release upon the PERSONAL COMPUTER sometime earlier 2018. Therefore to all or any the particular modders on the market, be sure you happens good ethical sense.

Oh yea no simply no, because of a few talented, honestly horney modders. It is possible to you can observe your preferred movie characters inside the bare. That is the reason why Skyrim mods exists, correct? After it had been announced upon Monday that will Ff XV would become released upon PC. Which means something, we have been finally likely to see Cindy’s boobs.

Think it or even not this is a large worry to Sq . Enix, within an interview along with PC game enthusiasts at Gamescom Final Dream XV representative, Hajime Tabata declared that;

Naked mods have already been around with regard to a little bit, yet plenty of designers just do not like all of them. Apart from the apparent mods usually represent the lack associated with control associated with their sport. Developers plus publishers usually don’t enjoy it when players mod their own video games. Plus mods obtain prohibited, At all times. This past year the particular developers associated with Black Wilderness: online prohibited nude mods from the overall game within an up-date.

Final Dream XV will be arriving plus it is simply no secret PERSONAL COMPUTER Gamers, (Well, All players but PERSONAL COMPUTER Gamers will be the ones that have them. ) love naked mods. The opportunity to digitally get all of the clothing of figures, is sort of irrisible to numerous gamers. In the end, there is absolutely no irritated old Manufacturers or Sony watching more than your shoulder, letting you know everything you can and may ’t perform.

I in addition to my squad were worried about the type of content that might be modded in to the game. Certainly, there is a few be worried about individuals attempting to things some unusual things in to the great globe.
Specifically, he could be discussing naked mods, yet by the end associated with the overall game, these people made a decision to provide players the particular freedom to accomplish no matter what they need. Even though which means taking the look in lots of genitalia. Props in order to Tabata due to the fact of not really attempting to break down upon modders plus lock the overall game down in some way. Taking all of the fun away of video gaming, being mods.

Exactly what can you guys believe modders can do the figures of Ff XV. Ought to modders have the ability to do whichever they feel just like?
Posted by drwhat   0 Comments
Aug 26, 2017 3:13 PM
Shattered Skies Official Support
Hello MxGaming | Online Gaming Community Forums,

This is just an announcement to tell you, MxGaming has officially taken on Shattered Skies as an Official Game of our community. We have a forum for shattered skies where you can post, tips, tricks, videos, screenshots, trading, and questions. Located here:

We have official channels on our TeamSpeak server for Shattered skies where you can find players to group with.

All the best;

Read more:
Posted by drwhat   0 Comments
Jun 22, 2016 2:04 PM
Arma Developer Applications
Developer Applications

MxGaming Online Gaming Community is looking to expand its team, we are looking for people that want to help improve our server and increase our quality of gameplay.

We will start expanding our team by appointing new developers, developers will automatically be moderators on forums and TeamSpeak, before moving up from forum moderator to positions such as Teamspeak admin or forum admin you will first need to get acquainted with how we do things, so consider forum moderator a basic level position where you will have the time to prove your worth and eventually move up in the ranks if that is what you wish/we require.

Currently open positions
There is currently only 1 developer position open, they will be granted full access to the forums and will be able to lock/stick/delete/edit and moderate posts. Main responsibilities will be to develop and extend functionality and features on our server.

What we expect from a Developer

Extensive knowledge of the Arma SQF scripting engine
Ability to meet time constraints and deadlines
Add, fix, remove features and test your updates before pushing live onto our servers.
Map editing knowledge
Moderating posts that contain foul or offensive language
Spam posts, double posts, unnecessarily bumped posts
Moving posts into the proper sections/categories
Helping people with questions, bug reports, et cetera

We have the following requirements for the Forum Moderator position:

Have to be active on the forums.
Know Arma engine SQF language
Able to work alone without guidance
We expect you to be at least 18 years old. (Exceptions can be made.)
Fluent in the English language.
Ability to handle situations from a neutral perspective (Never take sides with friends, gangs).
Basic understanding of Forums (We will do our best to guide you through the settings and features).

*There is no form or template for the application*

There is no specific date that the applications will be closed, opened or accepted, private message me your application on the forums and kindly wait for a response.
Proof of previous works is recommended, Goodluck!

Main thread:
Posted by drwhat   0 Comments
May 20, 2016 6:58 PM
MxGaming User Awards added.
Today, I have added awards to the forums, These will display on your profile. Awards I am working on are;
Member of the Month, Technical contribution, Game based awards, Event winner awards and others.

I will eventually add an award for retired moderators and Leaders. But since its early days there are not any retired staff yet.

If you have any suggestions for awards to be added, Comment or PM me. I will gladly look into suggestions, I want to make awards a fun thing.

Subscribe to our blog for more infomation:
Posted by drwhat   0 Comments
May 03, 2016 2:50 AM
Teamspeak 3 Server Moderator applications are open!
Dear all our wonderful members!

Applications for TeamSpeak moderator are open!
If you are active on the TeamSpeak and wish to help out in the staffing of the server, we want you to join us!

In order to apply you need to use the applications forms staff applications tab in the menu!
I and the staff team look forward to viewing your applications and good luck.

MxGaming Staff.

Read more:
Posted by drwhat   0 Comments
Apr 18, 2016 6:30 PM
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