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TF Aliases
Aug 27, 2013 6:33 PM
aeon6911 Founder - Joined: Sep 26, 2010
Posts: 9

Here are many Aliases that might prove useful. Below you will see the name of the alias then you will see a description on the alias then the alias it self. Then all you need to do is cut and paste the alias into a config file. Just change the r to the key that you want.

Rocket Jump (soldier):

For those of you people who do not know how to do rocket jump or when it is too laggy and is impossible to successfully attempt a RJ then you should use this alias. Just bind it to a key a then you are all set.

bind "r" "+rj"

alias +rj "cl_pitchspeed 100000;impulse 7;+lookdown;wait;-lookdown;cl_pitchspeed 150;+jump;+attack;"

alias -rj "-attack;-jump;force_centerview"

Pipebomb Jump (demoman):

Now this is great for all the demolitions men out the who have seen people run on top of a pipe bomb and get shot up. With this all you have to do is lay a pipebomb down, run over it and hit the binded key. Remember the more pipes you lay the farther and higher you will go ie. You will go be shot up higher with 2 pipes than just one. Also the more pipes you use the more damage you will take, and don't go laying 6 pipebombs out, you will just blow yourself up accomplishing nothing.

bind "r" "+jump;wait;detpipe"

Pipe then Det (demoman):

This allows you to throw a pipebomb then detonate it so that it explodes in front of you. This can be helpful when and enemy is in front of you, and when you are in the water and the enemy is ahead of you.

bind "r" "impulse 7;+attack;wait;-attack;wait;detpipe"

Expert Zoom (all):

This is it folks. Here is an easy to use zoom script that I personally made after hearing about ones that they have in glowpaks. This shows the true power of aliases and how they can be used to help you. All you do is hit the binded key (ie. r) to zoom in just a tad. Hit it again and you will zoom in more and so on and so forth. Then hit the other key (ie. t) at anytime to zoom out just a tad. Well I think you get the point. Now to zoom all the way out just hit you binded key (ie. [) to reset your zoom and put you back to normal. To immediately zoom in hit your binded key (ie. ]) this will zoom you in at a fast rate. If you wish to put this on a site of yours please ask and give the author (me) recognition.

bind "r" "zoom"

bind "t" "azoom1"

alias "zoom" "fov 80;wait;bind n azoom1;bind m zoom1"

alias "zoom1" "fov 70;wait;bind n azoom2;bind m zoom2"

alias "zoom2" "fov 60;wait;bind n azoom3;bind m zoom3"

alias "zoom3" "fov 50;wait;bind n azoom4;bind m zoom4"

alias "zoom4" "fov 40;wait;bind n azoom5;bind m zoom5"

alias "zoom5" "fov 30;wait;bind n azoom6;bind m zoom6"

alias "zoom6" "fov 20;wait;bind n azoom7;bind m zoom7"

alias "zoom7" "fov 10;wait;bind n azoom8"

alias "azoom1" "fov 90;wait;bind m zoom"

alias "azoom2" "fov 80:wait;bind m zoom1;bind n azoom1"

alias "azoom3" "fov 70;wait;bind m zoom2;bind n azoom2"

alias "azoom4" "fov 60;wait;bind m zoom3;bind n azoom3"

alias "azoom5" "fov 50;wait;bind m zoom4;bind n azoom4"

alias "azoom6" "fov 40;wait;bind m zoom5;bind n azoom5"

alias "azoom7" "fov 30;wait;bind m zoom6;bind n azoom6"

alias "azoom8" "fov 20;wait;bind m zoom7;bind n azoom7"

bind "[" "bz"

bind "]" "az"

alias "bz" "fov 90;bind m zoom;bind n azoom1"

alias "az" "fov 10;bind m zoom7;bind n azoom8"

Quick Dispenser Det (engineer):

This allows you to destroy your dispenser without having to go through the build menu.

bind "r" "detdispenser"

Quick Sentry Det (engineer):

This allows you to destroy your Sentry Gun without have to go through the build menu.

bind "r" "detsentry"

Quick Add Ammo (engineer):

To quickly add ammo to your sentry hit the binded key when you are near it.

bind "r" "impulse 1;wait;+attack;wait;wait;-attack;impulse 1;wait;impulse 3"

Quick Sentry Upgrade (engineer):

To quickly upgrade your sentry hit your binded key when you are close to your sentry.

bind "r" "impulse 1;wait;+attack;wait;wait;-attack;wait;impulse 2;wait;impulse 3"

Quick Sentry Repair (engineer):

To quickly repair your sentry hit your binded key when you are close.

bind "r" "impulse 1;wait;+attack;wait;wait;-attack;impulse 3;wait;impulse 3"

Quick Sentry Build (engineer):

To quickly build a sentry hit your binded key.

bind "r" "build;wait;impulse 2"

Quick Dispenser Build (engineer):

To quickly build a dispenser hit your binded key.

bind "r" "build;wait;impulse 1"

Quick Heal (medic):

bind "r" "quick_heal"

alias "quick_heal" "impulse 1;wait;wait;+attack;wait;wait;-attack;wait;wait;impulse 5"