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yo S1zz3rz here
Category: General Discussion
by Runzwithsizzerz
Mar 25, 2012 7:24 PM
Flight School!
Category: General Discussion
by Scotsmansixfour
Mar 20, 2012 6:39 PM
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3rd Battalion 5th Marines Callsigns
Here are the callsigns for the 3rd Battalion 5th Marines that you need to know for operations:

"DarkHorse-Zero": Captain Humphries, Delta Company Commander
"Viper-Actual": Second Lieutenant Banta, "Viper" Platoon Leader
"Viper One": Lance Corporal Knicely, "Viper" First Squad Leader

Anything beyond that point will be handled by 3/5.
Posted by humphries   0 Comments
Apr 06, 2012 3:16 PM
This gentlemen is the callsign's we will now on adhere to when communicating with [3/5] troops on the grounds

"Romeo Six-Four" - Air Forward Controller (Whoever is co-ordinating air and ground attacks) (Most likely sizzerz)

"Super Six-One" - Wing Commander Paladin

"Super Six-Two" - Flight Sergeant KeyFrame

"Super Six-Three" - Flight Captain Sizzerz

"Super Six-Four" - Air Commodore Six-Four

"Super Six-Five" - Flight Captain Reaper

I expect you all to adhere to these callsigns strictly gentlemen as we don't wanna gagglefuck radio comms.

[Air Cmdre] "Six-Four"
Apr 06, 2012 2:48 PM
IAF will provide vital Air Support role for 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines Tact. Realism Unit
I am pleased to announce for IAF and on behalf of the 351's High Command "Hells Razorz" We have merged with a Combat unit known as - 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines Tact. Realism Unit
AKA [3/5] for short

Our role will provide;

Close Air Support Missions (CAS)
Cross Training and Flight School Merge
Logistics (Transportation of vecs to and from front line)
Air Patrols
Air Security
Troop Transport

1 - We shall be provided with our own dedicated Foward Air Base(FAB)

2 -Seen as they don't have an Air Force we shall be providing them with IAF as a support role and Vice Versa with them as Ground Support.

This is a highly professional unit gentlemen, Make sure you treat they're Officers with the upmost respect, You will only be required to salute Comissioned Officer's and call them sir. They are to the same standards. As most of you are of a high rank you will be shown the same respect the officers on they're command are shown.

Go and sign up on their website -

(Make sure your username is "Your name" plus [351])

Also edit your profile so your website is -

I want this done soon ASAP gentlemen;

Contact me personally when it is done

[Air Cmdre] "Six-Four" [IAF]
Apr 06, 2012 2:09 AM
These are the addons you need to play on Operation Arrowhead.

Not only are they great looking aircraft but they are to a better standard of realism than those provided by Bohemia Interactive. The guys at RKSL are good, I've used quite a few of their mods on Armed Assault.

Anyway point is you need these addons to participate in online Operations on Operation Arrowhead.

With these new high realism aircraft comes easy mistakes also so make sure you get in tune with your aircraft

EuroFighter Typhoon

B-52 Bomber

F-16 Fighting Falcon

MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD ALL REQUIRED DOWNLOADS ON LINK PAGE (No need for Community based addons though)

[Air Cdre] "Six-Four" [IAF]
Apr 02, 2012 12:48 AM
New Class: Evasion and Survial training
Gentlemen now you all have the basics of flight we shall move onto the next and really quite a more demanding stage of the training we provide our pilots here. "Evasion and Survival" Training is a course we shall go through that will give pilots the basics they need until an EVAC or CASEVAC team can be dispatched.

The basics of this course as follows;

1. Emergency landings (You wanna save the plane if you can)

2. Exstensive map skills and orienteering.

3. Evasion of an enemy search party contingent.

4. Possibly even capture (Depending on how the WarGames series plays out)

I suggest you bring you're A game to the table gentlemen cause shit's about to get hot in hell's kitchen.

[Air Cdre] "Six-Four" [IAF]
Apr 02, 2012 12:31 AM
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