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Our 2nd home is ready
hello to all members of EL.MA. team

I am happy to annaunce the creation and work of 2nd home of our mutator. Today we finished the last details and some issues with redirection and the server is ready to host our battles. You can find it easilly under the name
EL.MA. camper/sniper and has it's own place in gametracker.
Me and Alx wiil wait for you. Have fun!
Posted by jimmis455   0 Comments
Mar 30, 2014 9:36 AM news
EL.MA team created from players who like Unreal Tournament 3 and mutator EliteMachines.
The freedom of this mutator (multijumbs, translocator, power of guns) makes it very challeging and gives alot of fun to players who select to use it.
The maps we use are usually bigger (medium-large) with alot of z-axis action, very well optimized and as better as it gets bot support.
It's not possible not to be killed in this mutator no matter how good player you are, so dont be afraind to get in action. The main object of this mutator is fun and only fun. Nobody of this team will blame you if you are not so good. You will become good, anyway. We always remmember that, we were noobs once, too.
Note: Maps created by jimmis or alx64 are specially optimized for this mutator.
Posted by jimmis455   0 Comments
Feb 02, 2014 1:10 PM
There are no servers assigned to this clan.
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A team created for funs of Elite Machines mutator
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