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DEK-RPG Version Builds and Changes
Oct 09, 2010 6:11 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 282
This topic is to inform the player of official builds and changes to DEK-RPG.

- New modifiers:
- Arctic
- Heavy Guard
- Vampiric Leech
- New effects to existing modifiers:
- Protection effect
- Vampire effect
- Energy effect
- Piercing effect
- New looks to existing modifiers:
- Rage
- Piercing(to differentiate from penetrating)

- Super weapons are no longer able to generate DEK modifiers(arctic, heavy guard, vampiric leech, etc...)
- Piercing sound volume reduced; barely audible, but still there
- 2 new modifier: Super Heat and Anti

- Changed piercing overlay
- Limited modifiers to Weapon Masters only
- New ability for WM: Magic Vault
- New sound for piercing, less sound volume
- Excluded Super Heat from super weapons
- New modifier- Super Plasma

- New effects for protection, vampire, energy, piercing
- New modifier overlays

104 and 105
- Magic Vault no longer needs Loaded Weapon 50, but rather level 50 as a Weapons Master
- Burning effect added to Super Heat
- New modifier: Gorgon
- Vampiric Leech is now excluded from Magic Vault

- New sentinel: Mercury
- New modifier: Phoenix
- Vampiric Leech is now shareable
- Modifiers for Arctic and Gorgon are increased
- Healing blast now costs 25 adrenaline, and the healing amount is reduced. Nerf to medics.
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Oct 09, 2010 6:29 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 282
Next build version: 107
- Restrict triple damage and lightning rod combo, and maybe beam/bolt
- Nerf the lightning sentinel to make it more effective on smaller, bug monsters(puape, razorflies, manta, maybe gasbags and kralls)
- Lightning skaarj and Pikachu will be immune to lightning sentinels, and lightning rods/beam/bolts.
- Monster elemental immunes and resistances may soon follow...
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Mar 22, 2011 3:41 PM
Jefe Co-Owner - Joined: Jul 05, 2010
Posts: 410

Increased effectiveness of some weapon enchantments.

Vampiric Leech max enchantment increased to 5 from 3, damage bonus increased to 5% from 3% per level.

Ectoplasmic now does 9% extra damage per level (was 5%)

Restricted Gorgon to hitscan weapons (on other weapons the penetrating aspect does not function)

Added titan-shake resistance to the sturdy enchantment and changed skin. Increased damage bonus from 3% to 5% and max enchantment from 4 to 5.

Phoenix reintroduced for Magic Vault Users. Increased to 7% damage bonus from 3.5% and enchantment is always +7 (was 1-7.) Will appear rarely.
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Apr 15, 2011 3:40 PM
Jefe Co-Owner - Joined: Jul 05, 2010
Posts: 410

Piercing DB reduced from 5 to 3%

Vorpal enchantment range is 1-5, instagib chance is the same. Removes shield gun as option and added Mercury Launcher. (Has to do with the new weapons.)

(Hopefully) Fixed Gorgon code so it isn't dependent on weapon names.

Ectoplasmic does 10% extra damage per level. Let's just see how that works. (Same DB as "Damage" weapons.)

Sturdy does 6% instead of 5% DB.

Rage drops your hp to no lower than 100 now. Was 70. Enchantment range is now 6-11 from 5-10.

Increased DB slightly on mercury sentinels.
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Apr 20, 2011 9:35 AM
Jefe Co-Owner - Joined: Jul 05, 2010
Posts: 410

Fixed Gorgon again. (It's easy to mess up on because it is intended to be restricted to two groups: Magic Vault and hitscan weapons, went back to the restriction method used in 106a that required naming of packages the weapon is restricted to.) Currently allowed on the ripper so as not to require its package for compilation.

New block for Engineers, the XL block. Bigger and more health.

Added special version of sturdy just for Ion Painters. It should be very common. DB is only 0.5% since it only appears on a super weapon.

Added cursed version of Vampiric Leech: Sapping. Range is now -2 to +5.
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Aug 11, 2011 1:10 PM
Jefe Co-Owner - Joined: Jul 05, 2010
Posts: 410

This is a fairly major overhaul of the rpg system - previously I had been using DruidsRPG221 as a base, along with a few artifacts from 226. The main reason for using 221 is because it was relatively bug-free. (226 had a nasty habit of causing client crashes whenever engineers or medics died.)

DEKPRG200 combines some aspects of 221, 226, along with most of the content of DEKRPG106c. I decided to keep a few mods in a separate package, DEKRPG200addon01, to reduce dependencies in the main package. Phoenix is gone until we can get a working, interesting version up and so is sturdy for ion painters.

NEW CLASS: Warrior. The warrior class is designed for experienced players who want more of a challenge. The concept was to make the class similar to playing oldschool UT2004RPG or playing without a class at all, removing the specializations of the main classes. So, they do not start with any extra artifacts or weapons (although denial 2 is available, much as it was in UT2004RPG.) They do get survival skills that you cannot buy in Druids without a class but could in vanilla UT2004RPG. These skills include regen, ammon regen, vampire and adrenaline surge at medium levels. They also get low levels of advanced damage reduction and advanced damage bonus, as well as the berserker damage skill which increases damage dealt (and received) when in close proximity to a monster. And being skilled warriors, they also can handle arcane knowledge contained in the magic vault.

The General class now gets shield healing 1, and both engineer and medic awareness.

All healing weapons now have a blue cross effect, much like the vampire effect. There is a new skin for the mercury sentinel, along with new skins for the various spheres. The mercury sentinel no longer reports kills as "mercury launcher" on F3. It also has much greater range than before (as intended.) Autogun from 226 added.

I removed the "You have stat point to distribute" and the "Press U to Use, Brackets to Switch" messages, both were annoying in their own ways. "U to use" blocked the points total for many players, although the info is helpful for newbies. Both messages have been moved to the server messages mutator for that reason.

The spread on minigun turret projectiles has been lowered considerably, making them more accurate. The projectiles are also slightly stronger. Ball turret projectiles now move faster, as do engineer link projectiles, making both more accurate on moving targets. Fireball projectiles are faster too.

Implemented the "Eject" keybind command from 226, which will eject players from all constructions made by an engineer. Also put in a new keybind "SelectBlock" for the block artifact.

Lucky weapons now can spawn pills worth 5 adren, as well as small health packs that give 15 hp and will go over your max HP like a vial. They no longer spawn 25 hp packs.

Known bugs/issues: Ceiling sent doesn't work for mercury sentinel, although it was intended to. L menu still does not work when dead (the code in this section is also likely responsible for the crashes in 226, so I was careful about what I changed.) Hollon reported not being able to see the new Damage sphere and Invulnerable sphere, only the new Heal sphere. Keybinds still tend to select the wrong artifact, just as they do in druids. XP and class icon do not appear on the invasion scoreboard for bots with General class.

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Aug 27, 2011 9:08 PM
Jefe Co-Owner - Joined: Jul 05, 2010
Posts: 410
New weapon modifier: Bullet time. Stops projectiles in mid air just in front of you. Doesn't protect from melee or hitscan attacks (lighting, mini, etc.) Magic Vault only. (Ported from TitanRPG160.)

New skin for Vorpal. Also corrected its damage bonus from 70% to the intended 7%.

Sturdy has also been fixed so that it really does protect against titan shakes.

Updated the DC monster pack, and added some new 'tech' monsters. They're pretty much standard fliers, and replace the DC ghosts. They have custom gibs and damage messages unlike their predecessors.

Adding to the known bugs: Autogun is the only offensive sentinel working in 200.

Engineers also get regen 1 now.


This was released as part of my comprehensive monster update, DEKMonsters200b. The ectoplasmic and superheat enchantments are directly dependent on the monster file, so I had to do an update of the addon. This was done in the fall of last year.
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Jun 22, 2013 11:11 AM
Jefe Co-Owner - Joined: Jul 05, 2010
Posts: 410

Wow, completely forgot about this topic. You might be wondering why I went from DEKRPG200 to 203, it's because there were two intermediate versions that I did not upload. 201, based on DruidsRPG226, was complete and working on my computer, but I was not able to get it to work on the server. I pretty much gave up in frustration. After that I worked on a new build based on DruidsRPG221, but I didn't complete it.

203 is based on DruidsRPG227. 203 brings a number of improvements including:

*Fixed sentinels and now there are new sentinel types/enhancements
*the new link sent now has a FPS-friendly skin and defense sent repair bolts now have more FPS-friendly emitters (total particles reduced.)
*Return of Mercury sents.
*several new skills from druids, including weapon proficiency and vampire surge.
*L menu now working when dead
*You can rebuild your character, just "sell" skills. (This only resets your skills, not your class or stats like weapon speed, damage bonus, etc.)
*Subclasses also work. I plan to add some configurations for this server, after balancing the main classes. Currently all classes can pick a basic "classless" subclass.
*Class configs are in a bit of flux now as I balance them with the new skills.
*Lucky weapons now spawn artifacts.
*Lots of weapon enchantment tweaks and balancing. For example, Arctic now does less healing (before it was about as fast as a medic weapon, despite having a lower healing bonus.) This was due to the damage bonuses that WMs and Warriors get.
*Magic weapon makers now cost 75 adren to use instead of 100.
*Super Heat and Ectoplasmic enchantments are now part of DEKMonsters, since they are dependent on those classes. For now the addon file is gone, since they were the main reason for it.
*Several skills and skill costs have been tweaked. Magic vault now costs 10 points instead of 40. Adrenal Surge now gives a 10% bonus per level instead of 50%. It's now cheaper per level and has more levels to compensate. Similarly, the rapid build reduction bonus is now 5% per level instead of 10%. The initial price of some skills have been lowered to make them easier to acquire for new characters, for example denial, but the upper levels now cost more.
*Poison now does hp + adren damage. Super heat does damage (at a higher rate than poison) but also now increases adren when used on other players (untested.) The reasoning is that poison makes you sick and slow, but being on fire makes you rush for water.
*New skills that give a shield gun or assault rifle to replace your D-E-K rifle or Avril respectively. As a side effect to this, Weapon Masters and Generals now have to buy Loaded Weapons first, AND THEN their starting weapons. They now get skills for a starting AVRiL or Utility rifle as Loaded Weapons kills all starting weapons. If bought in the wrong order Loaded will remove the weapons granted by the starting skills. Just sell your skills and rebuild if you buy them in the wrong order.
*Loaded melee weapons is now set up. It currently grants a classic sniper rifle and grenade launcher until I find some melee weapons.
*Several new weapon enchantment skins, as well as new looks for damage and inv spheres.
*Lots of little tweaks. For example, the flight artifact now costs 1 adren per second so that it isn't nearly as useless.

Unfortunately, since this build is based on Druids227, it also inherits its bugs:

*Frequent client crashes when medics, generals, or engineers die.
*Server crashes when someone dies in a minigun turret who doesn't have vehicle eject.
*Not really a bug, but the engineer's 'eject' command is gone, replaced by a locking system. I plan to restore to eject command.


Changes here include new textures and gib effects for Gold and Ghost and Tech monsters. Ghosts now fly. Tech monsters don't anymore. Tech skaarj now shoot tentacle-style projectiles. Laser Brute projectiles now look ok.

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Jan 19, 2014 11:31 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 282
DEKRPG204 redesigns the subclassing system that has long been broken. There are new elements to the RPG as well as monsters. The biggest changes are:

1) Each class, with the exception to Warrior, will finally have their own subclass system.

Weapon Masters will receive the original subclasses under the old server. These are Extreme WM, Berserker, Weapons Proficiency and Tank. For a quick reminder, Extreme WM receives 50% more weapon damage, but 50% less adrenaline damage. We consider this the weakest subclass, but also the less riskiest. Berserkers do more damage in close range (up to 75%), but also take more damage (up to 75%). We consider Berserkers the moderate subclass. Tanks have 100% more damage, but their firing rate and movement is slower. We consider this the strongest, and also riskiest, subclass. Weapons Proficiency has a variable damage bonus, depending on the number of kills the player achieves with the same weapon.

Adrenaline Masters receive two subclasses. These are Extreme AM and Craftsman. Like the original server, Extreme AM consists of higher damage done through artifacts, less adrenaline required on those artifacts, and 50% less weapon damage. The Craftsman subclass specializes in making and maxing weapons. Therefore, adrenaline requirement on artifacts that make magic weapons and that alter the modifiers are reduced. They receive higher EXP on remote and sphere artifacts, and also receive specific magic enchanters (ie Infinity Maker, Lucky Maker).

The Monster/Medic subclassing remains as is. Summoners receive higher levels in pets, and Healers receive higher levels in healing. The biggest change to this class, however, is Loaded Healing. The healing output remains the same, however it is now staggered over 10 levels rather than 3. This is to increase the cost of Loaded Healing and keep it on par with that of Loaded Weapons, Artifacts, and especially Loaded Monsters which can be very expensive.

There has been a slight change to Engineers. Base Builders remains as is on the server. Now, an alternative to Base Builders is "Engineer Weaponry." This subclass gives up blocks and turrets in exchange for sentinels and vehicles. Another subclass, "Auto Engineer," behaves similarly to the Mechanized Infantry that the server currently uses. This subclass receives the Autogun and a new sentinel, Stinger.

Finally, Generals receive all the combinations of hybrids- from Weapon-Adrenaline hybrids to Medic-Engineer hybrids.

2) Ghost and Gold monsters will be removed, and will instead be reserved for summoning pets. Ice and Fire monsters will replace Ghost and Gold monsters, respectively, and will keep the same health and scoring values as ghost and gold.

Freezing and Arctic weapons will do more damage to fire monsters and Super Heat will do more damage to ice monsters.

3) Tech monsters now primarily target engineer constructions, as did the large Rock Slith on the original server.

Those are all the major changes that affect gameplay. Other changes include some new sentinels, new weapon modifiers, new abilities (not yet live on the server), but I will leave these for exploration.
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Aug 21, 2015 3:30 AM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 282
Post above is updated to reflect changes on the server.
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