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Server Rules
Sep 07, 2010 7:30 PM
Jefe Co-Owner - Joined: Jul 05, 2010
Posts: 420

This is a family server. A place where kids and adults can play. Don't be crude. Don't cheat.

1) No derogatory remarks about race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, creed, denomination, etc.

2 ) No swearing.

3 ) Do not work around the chat filter.

4 ) No cheating.

5 ) No idling or camping.

6 ) No chat spamming.

7 ) Do not intentionally kill team players.

8 ) No inappropriate language. This is a family server.

9 ) No crybabies or bad attitudes.

10 ) Whenever possible, use the forums and admin email address for administrative issues. The admins are in game to play.

11 ) The DC contributor tags are reserved for contributors only.

12 ) Do not use special characters like æ, », ñ, ø, °, é, etc. in your name because they will become corrupted in the RPG file and you will lose your progress.

This is a zero tolerance server, which means if you violate these rules, you may or may not get a warning before you are banned. If you violate these rules severely, we will report your violation to your ISP.

All connections and chats are logged.

If you are a returning player and have an issue with your profile, please post in the profile recovery thread:

You can review the rules at any time in-game by pressing 'F12' in-game and clicking on the 'Rules' tab.
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