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Forum Home > Server Discussion > Weapons and Runes - Info and Comparison by Szlat
Weapons and Runes - Info and Comparison by Szlat
Feb 09, 2023 8:57 PM
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Szlat posted this on discord and I got permission to share it here.

Note that the following descriptions do not include adjustements for Damage Bonus, Damage Reduction or Weapon Speed. They are the raw stats.
And bear in mind that projectiles that explode normally cause "radius damage" where you get less damage the further you are away from the centre. So I have included if they are projectile or instant hit where relevant.
Hollon can correct anything that I have missed - I am sure there will be some things I have wrong.

Earthquake / Icicle
Weapon group 3
Now I am not sure about how these 2 work.
Primary fire: Earthquake - for 15 adrenaline, can be fired every 2.5 seconds, but doesn't actually fire anything. Instead, it gives you lots of velocity. Once you are falling and reach terminal velocity you generate an earthquake. The earthquake does a lot of damage to nearby monsters, based on the speed you got to, and will shatter any nearby icicles (see below). As a side note, if you jump before firing it slightly upwards, then you can jump a long way. The difficulty I have is achieving terminal velocity - I think you have to jump off a high ledge and fire the earthquake directly below you to achieve the necessary speed. Someone who knows how to use it might get lots of benefits, but it is tricky.
Secondary fire: Icicle - fire a projectile every 1.5 secs, for a 7 adrenaline cost. It does blast damage of 90. If it doesn't hit anything it creates an icicle clump on the ground, which lasts for 10 seconds. It is possible to shatter the icicle with earthquake, giving 6 shards which can do 25 damage each.

Flurry / Magnet
Weapon group 4
Primary fire: Flurry - fires a purple projectile every 0.5 secs for 2 adrenaline. Each projectile will do a max of 60 damage - less after it bounces
Secondary fire: Magnet - creates a black hole a certain distance away, and maintains it while the button is held. The black hole sucks monsters in and does radius damage of 26 per second at the centre. Note that on some maps the "certain distance away" doesn't work, and it always spawns where the trace hits something. Great for players with a high ping as it holds the monsters still while you shoot them with the Flurry, and very useful in doorways. Cost 2.5 adrenaline per second.

Sparkle / Barrage
Weapon group 5
Primary fire: Sparkle - fires a sparkling projectile every 0.5 secs for 2 adrenaline. Each projectile will do a max of 50 damage to what it hits, but also has 40% chance of doing 14 damage to a nearby monster 5 times a second as it travels, until it hits something.
Secondary fire: Barrage - every 3 seconds can fire a barrage of 9 projectiles for 18 adrenaline. Each projectile does a max damage of 60, if it hits anything. Very powerful against big monsters, but be prepared for the delay before you can fire again. Good for stepping out, firing, then hiding again.

Forcerip / Guard
Weapon group 6
Primary fire: Forcerip - instant hit for around 20 damage five times a second for 1 adrenaline per shot. If you are on target, you get a red swirling corkscrew effect - if you are missing you get a yellow X effect.
Secondary fire: Guard - creates a shield in a fixed location ahead of you while you keep the button down. This takes 2 adrenaline per second, and should stop all projectiles (but not instant hit or splash damage)

Heat Whip / Flare
Weapon group 7
Primary fire: Heat Whip - instant hit. Cost 7 adrenaline with a fire rate of 3.5 secs. Does between 150 and 350 damage, depending on distance. If you don't get a direct hit, it will search for a nearby monster to lock on to - but for some reason that will not notice Titans or Bosses.
Secondary fire: Flare - Short range. Spawns 5 explosions a second randomly very close to you, in various colors. Each explosion does a max of 80 damage for 1 adrenaline. Very useful when you are swarmed by gnats, but takes too long to kill anything larger than a Krall.

Fireball / Heatwave
Weapon group 8
Primary fire: Fireball - fires a fireball every 0.9 secs for 5 adrenaline, giving a max 100 damage.
Secondary fire: Heatwave - fires a wave of fire forwards for 10 adrenaline. Can be fired every 3 secs. Each monster it touches gets a max of 80 damage, diminishing as the heatwave fades with time.
Combo - hitting the heatwave with the fireball produces a large explosion, doing a max 200 damage. Make sure you aren't in range.

Ice Beam / Lightning Chain
Weapon group 9
Primary fire: Ice Beam - instant hit explosion for 8 adrenaline, doing about 115 damage to what it hits, and a max of 200 blast damage. Can be fired every 2 seconds.
Secondary fire: Lightning Chain - instant hit for 10 adrenaline, and can be fired every 2 seconds. Does 150 damage to the monster hit, but then can do reduced chain damage to nearby monsters.

MegaBlast / PoisonBlast
Weapon group 0
Primary fire: MegaBlast - you hold down the fire button to charge the blast. After around 4 seconds, and 125 adrenaline, it produces a redeemer like explosion with 1300 damage at the centre. Abandoning the charge early produces less of a blast.
Secondary fire: PoisonBlast - charges up an explosion which does no damage, but poisons each monster in range of the blast. Again, charges over 4 secs for a total 75 adrenaline.
Note that both of these will detonate after a delay of 2 secs at the location you were pointing at when you released the button.

The other bit I said I would list is how do the runes compare to other weapons?

First, the runes do not take a vast amount of adrenaline to run - except ones like MegaBlast. A WM with maxed Resupply never runs out of ammo, so a AM running runes with maxed Adrenal Drip shouldn't run out either.

Ok, let's compare some runes against weapons, where we can.

Rocket Launcher does 90 damage, radius 220 with a fire rate of 0.9
Fireball does 100 damage, radius 220 with a fire rate of 0.9
so the Rune does slightly more damage, but the rocket can home in, and can be stacked as a 3 rocket shot.

Flak, a lot of peoples favourite weapon, fires 9 projectiles each with 13 damage, with a fire rate of around 0.9, giving 130 max damage a second.
The secondary fire is every 1.11 seconds for a projectile that does 90 damage, radius 220, and spawns 6 chunks each doing max 13 damage. So max 151 per second.
Sparkle does a base 2x50 = 100 damage a second, with the possibility of some damage being done during transit.
Barrage does a max 540 damage every 3 seconds, so 180 damage a second.
In practice, 3 flak shells are likely to be more accurate than all the projectiles from Barrage.

The Redeemer and Ion painter are limited to one shot per wave. The MegaBlast can be fired multiple times, but the adrenaline usage quickly mounts up.

So, reasonably balanced so far.

Let's look at the Runes AMs tend to use, as they are likely to be the most powerful.
Flurry does a max of 120 damage a second. Magnet, assuming one monster, will do a max of 26 damage, totaling 146 damage. Good, but not excessive.

Does 150 damage on the initial hit. It may get additional hits of 105 if any other monsters are close. This is every 2 seconds, so assuming one chained monster gives us 127 damage a second.
This is less than the flak, and requires very careful aiming, requiring the shooter to be stationary, or nearly so. So in itself isn't that overpowered.
However, it is an instant hit long range weapon, so perhaps ought to be compared against the shock, lightning gun or sniper rifle, rather than the flak.
The shock is instant hit and does 45 per hit, on a rate of 0.7, giving 64 damage per second, and the sniper is 70 damage on a rate of 1.6, giving 44 damage per second. Although both these get double damage with a headshot.

The link gun has 2 fire modes
The projectile fire is every 0.2 secs with a max damage of 30, giving 150 damage per sec.
The beam fire is 9 damage every 0.12 sec, giving 75 damage per sec.

And how does the Engineer match up?
First the Engineers Link gun
projectile fires every 0.4 secs with max damage 52, giving 130 max per second
Beam, which is much shorter than for the normal link gun, does 35 damage every 0.24, giving 145 damage per sec.

The Assault sentinel does about 22 damage a second, and the Blaster sentinel about 60 max. So they aren't over powered.
The best turret is possibly the Stinger turret, which does 125 damage on primary fire, and a max of 175 on secondary fire, per second.
The lynx turret, which players use because the projectiles homes in on the target, only does around 89 max damage a second.
However, the minigun turret is an instant hit long range turret, and it does 173 damage on primary. EDIT: This is wrong - should be 110 damage on primary.

So, comparing these 3 classes, for sustained damage, the best projectile fire weapon is the normal link gun, doing 150 per second. For an instant hit weapon the above figures give it as the Engineers Link beam at 130, but that has a short range - otherwise it is the Chain on 127 per second.

All assuming of course that my calculations are correct