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Low-Level "Tutorial" Idea
Feb 05, 2021 7:43 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 346
Usually when a new player joins, they die then leave right after. Even if a new player joins the server when it is empty, they start with no classes- meaning they have no free regeneration. Bugs and Kralls on wave 1 can quickly kill them, especially when the players are looking at the RPG menu.

For many other servers that have maps with safe spots, those players can usually stay there and take the time to look over the RPG menu. Since new players on our server are kind of thrust into the game headfirst without a lifeline, I think we could try some new things. My suggestions are:

1) Decrease the starting level from 15 to 10.
2) Make new players invulnerable until they are level 15.

By doing this, we allow players to take as much time needed to look over the RPG menu and the F12 FAQ. These 5 levels can serve as a "tutorial" play, and rather than leaving after dying, players can see the server in its entirety- randomized waves, bunnies, bosses, team missions, and the team adrenaline and combo system. They'd otherwise miss all of this.

To prevent exploitation with the invulnerability:
1) If the low-level player is the last player alive, remove the invulnerability
2) If all players that are alive are low-levels, remove the invulnerability

I don't believe this would upset the balance. If other high level players are on during wave 16, a player levels 10-15 would at most put in a small dent to the monsters. If the player is playing with all bots, the bots usually die off after wave 9, which then removes the invulnerability from the low level player.

Going from level 10 to 15 will be quick. In fact, I play tested a new character today going from 15 to 20. It took 2 maps, ending at wave 9 each. So, say, it will take around 1 full map to lose the invulnerability at 15. I'd argue this is too quick for a tutorial play.

Hopefully by doing this, it'll retain some more new players that join. Any thoughts on this approach?
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