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Combos and Materials
Oct 13, 2020 2:10 AM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
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(List of "current" materials)

A little preview of something I've been working on.

New tabs on the stats menu lets you switch between abilities list, materials list, and combos list.

So then, what are materials and combos?

They're special kinds of abilities.

Materials don't do anything, but are required for combos.

However, materials are locked. You can unlock materials when certain events in the game are triggered. Some materials will be common, other materials will be rare(such as defeating certain bosses). Since materials are only buyable after triggering certain events, selling(now called refund) won't refund your materials. You keep those forever.

When you have enough materials, you can buy a level of a Combo. Like bosses, players will be able to do their own combos such as applying burn or poison to monsters, or increasing defense or attack for allies. Players can do combos when team adrenaline is full, another new concept I'll introduce. Players will be limited to buying up to 3 combos. Unlike materials, Combos are refundable, so you can try them all out.

Monsters will also have their own team adrenaline. When theirs is full, they can do a combo as well. Player combos can counteract monster and boss combos, and vice-versa.

Eventually I also want to do a Props list on the stats menu that lets players buy fun props like hats and boots with required materials, but we're lacking a little on static meshes and I don't have anyone who can help me make some.

Finally, all those stat points on high level players will be put to use! The goal is to set it so high level combos are rare(getting the materials) and expensive. Props, if possible, will also be expensive.
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