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Concepts for 208
Jan 27, 2020 9:50 AM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 284
We're in the planning stages for the next big build, and we have some ideas:

New Major Element: Earth.
We plan on adding a third major element to the game in addition to ice and fire: Earth. The Earth element will provide defensive buffs including healing and protection. Earth monsters will protect and heal other monsters, while Earth weapons will similarly provide healing to teammates, in a different fashion from current healing weapons.

Earth will do more damage to Fire, Fire will do more damage to Ice, and Ice will do more damage to Earth.

Necromancer Subclasses and Niches
We have a rough layout for Necromancer subclasses and niches, including a subclass focused on resurrection and another focused on the blood magic ability.

Game Randomization
Currently, each game from map to map is the same. We plan on making things more exciting by making a mutator so that before each game loads, there is a chance that one or more waves will change. For example, wave 12 will have a chance to turn into a Warlord wave, like in old DC. We could have an Ice only, Fire only, and Earth only waves. We could also have green ghosts only waves. There are a lot of possibilities, and this should make each game different and fun.

Props: Hats, Helmets, Emitters, Sounds
We can also use Game Randomization to provide a small chance each game to spawn a rare monster or loot. These monsters and loot will "unlock" abilities that provide aesthetic props such as hats, helmets, emitters, and sounds. This means that all aesthetic props will initially be locked to all players and cannot be purchased unless you are lucky enough to be in a game where one of these monsters or loots spawn.

This provides a way for high level players to dump their accumulated stat points in, and it creates a sense of purpose to unlock all the props. The more you play, the more chances you have at unlocking these props. Once unlocked, props will remain available to you forever even if you sell.

And more to come! To provide an estimate of time, this won't come out for at least several months because of a busy schedule. I will try to set aside time each week to work on this though and hope it will be enjoyable for everyone!
Steam: hollon11
Mar 18, 2020 5:51 PM
Nickgavran Member - Joined: Feb 19, 2015
Posts: 22
Hey everybody!

The 'Earth' element development is progressing rapidly, so we thought we'd share some screenshots with you:

We aim to release the first version of the '208' development at the end of the week, which will have the full Earth monster beastiary, alongside some critical and minor bugfixes.

Happy slaying!
Mar 23, 2020 9:18 AM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 284
208 is live on the server.

Need to know:
Heat weapons deal more damage to Ice monsters.
Ice weapons deal more damage to Earth monsters.
Earth weapons deal more damage to Fire monsters.

No penalty and no damage reduction for using the wrong element on a wrong monster. You can never do less damage with a magic weapon (unless its a - modifier).

- Introduction of Earth monsters. Earth monsters heal other monsters within a radius, as well as shoot down player projectiles. Earth monsters have the highest HP of any element. Use Freezing weapons on Earth monsters to deal more damage.
- New "Earthly" magic modifier. Each + gives a 6% chance to spawn a flower upon killing a monster. Flowers provide either regeneration, adrenaline drip, shield regeneration or resupply in a small radius area, about half the size of a healing sphere. Picking up multiple flowers stacks the effect. Grouping together with other teammates who pick up flowers also stacks the effect.
- Two new solo missions:
Herbamancer: Collect flowers dropped using an Earth weapon
Forest Hunt: Kill earth monsters

Minor updates:
- Necromancers can no longer possess Tech Slugs or wave 17 bunnies
- Fixed an issue where the specialist proficiency niche could be bought while another proficiency niche was already purchased
- Added a minimum health stop that the sacrificial heal artifact could continue depleting. Without this health stop, this could've caused the server to crash
- Fixed an issue where Link Gun ammo did not spawn on maps
- Increased condition measures on Phantom ghost to prevent magic effects from getting applied to players in Phantom
- Fixed an issue where the Holograph combo continued into Phantom
- Fixed max sentinel summonable decrementing beyond one on Bombardier niche
- Fixed an issue where drones targeted pets while the owner was inside a vehicle/turret
- Fixed emitters not destroying on the Glow Streak artifact

Wave configuration has been changed to accommodate Earth monsters. I will continue to configure the waves to find an appropriate balance. Please let me know of any bugs, crashes, or issues!

Edit: Some known issues:
- Flowers do not provide aid as they are picked up while in mid air. They must land first before being picked up
- Ice Giant Gasbag is a sitting duck. Easy fix for the next update, but enjoy the free kill for now
Steam: hollon11
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