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Forum Home > General Discussion > Do classes have themes and will there be more?
Do classes have themes and will there be more?
Jul 20, 2019 6:17 AM
Non-member Joined: Mar 02, 2019
Posts: 10
Curious if classes have specific themes or if there would be more classes added and is there a big nope zone for class idea's?

Since the last necromancer class and the blood magic made me think of a new class a wizard/mage like class that uses adrenaline as it's usually known mana source.

For spells you could implement fireball (gasbag attack) or ice lance ( ice krall attack) etc..
it's niches could be a branch of different things like an supportive mage that could buff allies and debuff enemies ( don't know if a different sub-class has this) .
or a heavy offensive mage that can use a strong lightning attack ( from phantom or the turret that blasts an entire way free)

the cons of picking mage class would be you're reliant on adrenaline for the most part, but you can still use guns so you'd have a battle mage of sorts.


while i'm at it here are some abilities which could be added to the class or a variety of it to get a rougher picture of how it could look like:

Mana cloak/shield = passive ability that reduces amount dmg while taking adrenaline after getting hit. Later on this ability could get an upgrade Advanced Mana Cloak/Shield increasing it a bit.

Fire ball = a gasbag like attack that deals X dmg where X is based off how long you hold it which consumes adrenaline
Later on this can be upgraded to Meteor which deals more dmg (maybe as a sub-class)

Thunder Jolt = a lightning strike that shoots out on the cursor at instant speed it chains of nearby enemies if it hits an enemy ( so it's different from the lightning gun )
can be upgraded later into lightning storm which shoots a giant lightning attack.

Ice lance = a ice attack that pierces through your enemies.
Can be upgraded later into Giant ice Lance.

a buff skill that increases allies defense/attack/adrenaline
^ could be split into multiple buffs.

Debuf skill that reduces a monsters resistances ( in other words it will increase your allies dmg to a monster in range rather than lowering something that may not even be in the game)

To use a buff or debuff it will consume adrenaline slowly over time as long as it's active.

some passive abilities that can enhance the specific type:
Infernal Affinity: increases your fire attacks by X %
Thunder affinity: increases your Thunder attacks by X %
Ice affinity: increase your ice attacks by X %
same could be for buffing and debuffing

could think and add more if i would know this could be added in or absolutely not

for sub-class:
Thunder/gravity : you get a few unique skills that only this class has
like a blackhole/gravity hole which holds monsters in one spot ( think of the Nali attack ) naturally for unique/ultimate skills of the subclass it will consume a ton of adrenaline
and the upgraded versions of the thunder skills

Fire/Ice: get the ability to use Meteor and Giant ice lance ( think of frost titan attack)
and heat wave ( fire titan attack)

get the ability to enhance previous buffs/debuffs

as you may have noticed i used a lot of the monsters attack since it's already implemented in the game and could be re-used into a new class.
The reason for a buff/debuff sub-class would be that we already have a medic class so mages/sorcerer/magicians have no healing ability since another class has it.
there is no familair/summon mage class either since we already have that too.
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Jul 20, 2019 1:01 PM
Nickgavran Member - Joined: Feb 19, 2015
Posts: 24
Pretty much 90% of what you're describing here is the Adrenaline Master, which is already in the game.
Jul 20, 2019 2:12 PM
Non-member Joined: Mar 02, 2019
Posts: 10
nickgavran wrote:
Pretty much 90% of what you're describing here is the Adrenaline Master, which is already in the game.

So Adrenaline Master
Buffs teammates and debuffs enemies?
and can sweep entire monsters/small area's with a few abilities?=O

Jul 20, 2019 2:26 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 346
Generally, an independent class needs two things:
1) a unique element
2) playability and implementation

I could rename AM to Wizard or Mage, and ultimately it would still be the same class with the same function - using adrenaline for spells and buffs. AMs do have a few team buffs like damage boost and invulnerability, but if you mean buffs or debuffs against elements like ice and fire, those too would fit under AMs, especially under the Craftsman subclass.

The reason why I haven't shelled out many more classes aside from Necromancers is because, for the most part, all of the existing classes on the server already cover many elements of the game. Anything based on health, shields, adrenaline, damage bonus/reduction, weapons, turrets/vehicles, monsters and so on is a no go because we have classes for those already.

As an example, the new Necromancer class passes these tests because 1) it has a unique element of resurrection that no other class has, and 2) it is implemented as an activatable artifact with additional skills that complement the class. I could have made the resurrection artifact as part of the AM class or kept it in the Medic class, but because resurrection in itself is a unique element, it can be a standalone class. Things like ice and fire projectiles, or lightning strikes, aren't unique elements - they are essentially projectiles. Everyone can fire a projectile.

You could argue that Generals and ClassicRPG fail these tests.. I agree they do. Both were not a decision by me, but in many RPG archetypes, there's usually a hybrid of classes and a "classless" or "hardcore" class, so I'll pass on those.

It's not easy coming up with ideas for new classes, because there aren't many elements of the game that we haven't touched yet. So the objective here is to first identify the element.. maybe a class based on time? maybe player movements? pickups? Those are unique elements, but how do we pass test two and implement them as a playable class?
Steam: hollon11
Jul 20, 2019 4:42 PM
Non-member Joined: Mar 02, 2019
Posts: 10
class for player movements:

gimmick of the class to have big movement speed and they can speedup allies but that's not their main way just like Necromancer they have their own weapon which doesn't charge up by draining but it charges up based on moving around
after X amount of stacks the weapon Dashes/warps the player through a fixed amount and any monsters getting hit by the dash get dealt dmg

it can become a very all around the place kinda class which main focus is to move around a lot.

Atleast that's what comes to my mind when i think about a class focused on movement speed

for the time if you mean just general time.
the ability to stasis a monster? or you mean it differently?

also for the dashlike effects you could think of the nali warp effect
Jul 21, 2019 1:28 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 346
Increasing speed still wouldn't feel playable for a standalone class. You still have to deal damage to monsters, and increased speed or teleportation isn't as valuable a support as healing, base building or resurrection.

Time could involve stasis. It could involve stopping projectiles too like the bullet time magic modifier. It could involve lowering the XP requirement on your teammates, so it's like you're speeding up time for allies? It could involve shortening or increasing the duration of an invasion wave? Or the time between waves? We don't want to bend the rules too much. Again, it's not easy turning a concept into a playable class.
Steam: hollon11