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Jan 05, 2018 8:30 PM
Nickgavran Member - Joined: Feb 19, 2015
Posts: 24
Map: DM-Habuji_Gavran

Author: Gavran

Mutators active: Quadjump

Mapsize: 39,9MB/approx. 41.939.478 byte


I heavily recommend downloading the .rar because it contains the custom .ogg (music) that the map is playing. You will not hear any music if you do not at least install the .ogg in your 'Music' folder.

My first map release in UT2K4, originally created for the DC 'Disastrous Consequences' RPG Invasion server hosted at:

This map is heavily Unreal 1 themed map, in the style of an ancient Nali temple somewhat in ruins, located on the second moon of the Nali homeworld.
It features big long hallways and generally open-concept rooms with plenty of Adrenaline and HealthVial pickups. Ammo is generally placed next to their respective WeaponPickup, but are also slightly scattered throughout the map.

AmbientSounds, of the indigenous Nali species are played frequently whereever a skybox is visible giving a pleasant immersive feeling.
The Skybox overlooks the Nali homeworld as well as its primary moon.

Another big inspiration for this map came from the architecture of the map 'DM-UCMP2-Taron', where I have also borrowed some Textures and StaticMeshes from. Some custom StaticMeshes are also in use created by myself, some imported from Unreal 1 like the NaliFruits. I focused a lot on Texturework rather than overusing StaticMeshes, to give a nostalgic oldschool feeling.

Installation: AmbOutside.uax -> 'Sounds', DM-Habuji_Gavran.ut2 -> 'Maps, UB-Chizra1.ogg -> 'Music'. Readme DM-Habuji_Gavran.txt -> Anywhere

For more information, feel free to read the attached Readme.txt and the Notes placed within the map itself.

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Jan 05, 2018 8:42 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
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I told Gav to make a map, and he did, therefore I take full credit. You're all welcome.
Steam: hollon11