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Bonus Rewards and XP
Dec 05, 2017 6:14 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 207
I've had this idea for a while but wasn't sure about how to implement it until recently.

Players can receive bonus XP for achieving certain kills similarly to the killing spree system.

We can have generic sprees accessible by everyone - kill 10 Kralls and get bonus XP, or kill 10 Skaarj and get bonus XP, etc. Make 100 or so kills with a certain weapon and get bonus XP.

We can do things that are a bit more challenging too- kill 5 vampire gnats with a lightning gun or sniper rifle, get bonus XP. Kill 3 monsters that have been resurrected by a Sorcerer, and get bonus XP. Kill a Phantom while it is corporeal(possible with things like lightning rod), and get bonus XP. So on and so forth.

We can do things that are class-specific too. Get 50 kills with a type of sentinel, pet, or artifact, or WM-exclusive weapon, and get bonus XP for those.

We could also do a "mission" type objective where you have to achieve the first mission before moving onto the next one. So the first mission could be something like killing 10 Kralls, after which will unlock a higher-XP mission like killing 10 Brutes. A game within a game as I like to frame it.

Each time you achieve a reward, there can be a trophy icon at the bottom of your screen so you can keep track of what you've achieved in a match.

This can be something players buy into, like Nali Call and Lucky Strike, or this can be given to everyone as a standard like the bonus spree system currently is.

This concept will probably be for 207, but we can start brainstorming ideas here and coming up with sprees, missions, and rewards. There are a lot of possibilities.
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