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Oct 07, 2017 2:54 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 184

- Increased the damage on engineer traps from 3% to 5% per level with the Trap Damage ability, and slightly decreased the ability cost.
- Explosives sentinels no longer grant EXP for self-boosts, and no longer grant EXP for non-explosives projectiles.
- Fixed laser mines damaging pets when user was in a turret or vehicle.
- Moved resupply to Healing Drones for Auto Engineers, and eliminated the resupply ability.
- Increased the max levels on the Drone Damage ability.
- Increased vehicle damage for Auto Engineers. 30% extra.
- Damage sentinels no longer boost or give EXP for traps and laser mines.
- Increased the Odin Turret collision size by 20% to thwart its use in smaller spaces.
- Merged Plasma Turret alt fire with Ball Turret, and removed Plasma Turret.
- 50% weapon damage reduction when Necromancers are in Phantom form.
- Reduced adrenaline surge for Necromancers from 3 to 2.
- Permanent 50% weapon damage reduction for Phantom niche, whether in Phantom form or not.
- Set minimum 15 XP for resurrection.
- Lowered the threshold at which the resurrection invulnerability turns off to hopefully avoid an instance where resurrected players are invulnerable the whole time.
- Mass Drain will now only do 4 hits instead of 5, and health per hit is reduced to 3% of max health instead of 5%.
- Increased the minimum damage on Decay from 5 to 10, and decreased the maximum from 75 to 50. Added in a cooldown timer, which will be (point value of monster / 2), up to a maximum of 8 seconds. Decreased the drain interval so it drains every 1 second instead of every 1.5 second.
- Necromancer's Ghost now activates when you have resurrected an X amount of players, rather than on 200 adrenaline. This should motivate Necromancers to resurrect more.
- Phantom pets for Necromancers no longer buffed. Base damage now 30(like the monsters) instead of 60.
- 25% weapon damage reduction for Summoners reinstated, which will kick in at Loaded Monsters 11. Weapon damage no longer taken off from Monster Damage ability.
- Readded Gold Gasbag pets.
- Reset the speed on Gold Kralls.
- HUD messages now included for Guardian Healing.
- Increased resupply on Core Classic.
- Snipers no longer take extra damage the closer they are to enemies. Now just a permanent 75% extra damage with certain weapons, nothing else.
- Reduced the max damage on the Shield Gun for the Melee subclass from 500 to 300.
- Fixed Vampiric Leech where the modifier would apply to artifacts and laser mines.

In the future, I probably will want to move the Phantom artifact from using an adrenaline-based to a number-of-resurrection based activation like the Necromancer's Ghost now uses.
Steam: hollon11
Oct 09, 2017 3:51 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 184
Some things I may want to do for 206D, please leave your thoughts to these suggestions:

- Necromancer survivability is still a bit high even with the recent nerf(cooldown on Decay, lower HP return on Mass Drain, lower damage from Phantom pets, etc.). I may impose a 25%-50% weapon damage reduction for Necromancers. They're supposed to be weak, but survive out their enemies, just like Healers.

- I'll probably add in a cooldown timer on Engineer constructions when players get ejected out of a vehicle or turret. This is to prevent players from re-summoning a turret right after getting ejected, which is a bit of slap in the face for monsters.

- Traps and Laser Mines are still a bit tricky to work with. Large, open maps really hinder the Explosives subclass because the chances of monsters stepping on a trap is nil, while small maps actually may make them too strong. Another concern is that when sharing a base with another Engineer, the traps, which would be laid out in advance of the base, would take the kills. What if we made it so that Traps and Laser Mines can not be deployed near a defense sentinel? This would force players to place Traps and Mines strategically around the map, and not all around the base. We would then increase the damage, and maybe the radius, on the Traps and Mines so that they would be more effective out in the open.

- Waves 1-5 should be easy for lower level players, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. What if we made some more unique monsters for those waves instead of the typical melee and Krall?
1) We could have a monster that'll attempt to lay eggs around the map. If you don't kill it in time, it'll lay an egg that'll grow each wave, hatching more monsters. It's unique, and it adds a small mini-game of trying to keep the egg count down.
2) A buffed down Sorcerer to resurrect dead monsters? No lightning, no immortal skeleton children. Gives some extra EXP of re-killing monsters.
3) What if everyone spawned with a pet at the beginning, say a Nali Cow or Nali Bunny. Your goal is to keep it alive(not sure how yet since only Medics could do this). Each wave that ends with your pet alive, you get some XP. If it dies, it won't respawn. Another small mini-game that adds some more depth to the server. I could also make a HUD message for the number of waves your pet survives so you can keep track of your record.

Basically what I'm trying to get at here is to add some more mini-game type things that'll be fun additions without breaking the overall run-and-gun Invasion game.
Steam: hollon11
Oct 10, 2017 3:44 PM
Non-member Joined: Feb 19, 2015
Posts: 10
- The Necromancer currently has high survivability, but with the recent nerfs, does very little damage to single targets and groups, even with pets. (Speaking about Non-Niche). Decay nerf might've been a step too far, since it was already useless before nerf (I realise this was probably done because of the Decay-niche, but then it's probably that niche that needs a nerf, not base decay). A healer with poisonblast will probably kill more than necromancers at higher waves, which seems quite odd. Did you try a non-niched Necromancer to see just how impactful the nerfs were?

- Cooldown for turret/vehicle re-deployment seems like a good idea.

- Explosive Engineer rework so Traps and Mines can't be placed near DefenseSents sounds good. Will definitely need an increase in both Trap/Mine damage though if that's the case, probably Mine damage needs the biggest buff as they are very weak currently, whereas Traps are rather good. An increase in Trap (And maybe Mine) radius activation would also be appreciated, since they currently only activate if the monsters are dead-square on them. (Could make the lasers on the Mines thicker? Or project 2 laserwires per Mine, although very close to eachother, which would serve as a Radius increase).

- 1) I like the Egg-laying mechanic. Sounds fun, and would force Engineers a bit out of their comfort zones out of their bases. (Healers too since they have to focus killing rather than healing occassionaly).

2) Nice idea! No skeletons sounds good, but it should still have a weak attack. And maybe make it ressurect more often than its Full-buffed Sorcerer brethren?

3) I like this idea. I suggest you make it so it will respawn after each wave where it dies, BUT: You earn cumulatively more XP per wave IF you manage to keep it alive multiple waves without it dying. So let's say, 5XP for 1 wave, 10XP for 2 waves etc. If it dies, it starts over at 5XP for 1 wave. This way there's a small incentive to keep it alive, but isn't a dealbreaker if it dies.
I realise this mini-game will be very easy for Engineers as they can just hide the pets in their bases, but nonetheless should be fun for all classes.

Another idea would be to implement end-wave bosses. By this I mean, it's not really bosses, just 1 monster at the end of each wave that is significantly higher-tier than what should spawn. So Wave 1: 1 Slith, Wave 2: 1 Skaarj, Wave 3: 1 Mercenary etc.
The twist however, is that these end-wave "bosses" only spawn AFTER the entire wave has been killed off. The only way to end the wave is to kill the "boss". (NOTE: The "bosses" should not be killed off at wave-end automatically like the rest, it needs to be physically killed). This is a fun minigame and will stop players just camping in higher waves and wait very long for all monsters to die. So 16 waves, 16 "bosses". This way we can also see the use of the ghost/gold monsters again, although only as a "boss" which could be rather fun.