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DEK 206
Sep 17, 2017 3:13 AM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 346
206 is now live on the server. A special thanks to Jefe and Dorian for testing and providing feedback, and to Dragon for the animations, meshes, and textures. A thank you to the community as well for the ideas, suggestions, and momentum that kept this project going.

Points are automatically refunded or expensed, but selling your abilities is still recommended. All stats have been backed up.

Please list any bugs on the thread here- crashes, glitches, and slow downloads. Or if you prefer, you can privately message me here on GameTracker or on steam at hollon11.

Explosives subclass:
- “Traps” allow players to set mines around a base or map. Traps will detonate when a target comes into contact with it.
- Choose between Bomb Trap, Aerial Trap, Shock Trap, Frost Trap, and Wildfire Trap.
- “Laser Mine Deployer” can be attached to walls and ceilings to emit a damaging, straight-line laser beam to secure a base or a portion of a map.
- Explosives sentinel: boosts non-plasma, explosives-based friendly projectiles including grenades, mines, rockets, shells, and even redeemer warheads.
Auto Engineer:
- Vehicle drone follows players and heals vehicles and auto-sentinels to encourage a mobile-based play.
Base Builders and Weaponry:
- “Sentinel Systems” ability increases the range of most offensive sentinels for Engineer Weaponry.
- Increase in armor vampire and armor regeneration for Weaponry, and an overall decrease in construction health bonus and rapid build.
- “Defense Systems” increases the range of defense sentinels for Base Builders.
New Sentinels:
- Assault Sentinel
- Sniper Sentinel
- Hellfire Sentinel (Weaponry only)
- Rocket Sentinel (Explosives only)
- AutoAssault/AutoSniper(Auto only). AutoStinger removed.
New Turrets:
- Stinger Turret
- Lightning Turret
- Plasma Turret
Miscellaneous Engineer Log:
- Fixed Odin Turret base and swivel mesh, and Odin Turret charge up emitter.
- Fixed Solar Turret base and swivel mesh.
- Added in locking interval for Odin Turret similar to Leviathan, and slightly decreased fire rate.
- Fixed sentinel controllers so target radius and attract radius are appropriately accounted for(such as for Mercury and Beam sentinels).
- Added sentinels to HandleDamage in Loaded Engineer to properly account sentinel damage settings.
- Fixed Lynx Turret where the rocket projectile called a damage function twice, and only rewarded linkers on one of them.
- Removed Stinger sentinels from Auto Engineers in place of AutoAssault and AutoSniper.
- Replaced Link Sentinel mesh.
- Reduced Linking damage on engineers to turrets. 1 link = 25%, 2 = 50%, 3 = 75%.
- Triple damage will no longer work with Engineer Link Guns.
- Eliminated visual and sound effects on defense sentinels when healing blocks, but the healing still occurs.
- Fixed vehicle and turret locking overlay.
Medics / Monster Master
- New style of resurrection: resurrected players spawn with invulnerability, but die after a certain time. Score earned during resurrection time is given to Necromancers as XP. If the Necromancer dies, all living resurrected players die. Resurrected medics and engineers can heal their Necromancer(even with Hardcore).
- Vampire, resupply, and hardcore requirement removed.
- New artifacts Decay, Life Tether, Phantom, and Mass Drain serve to replenish your health. Each works differently.
- Cast “Doom” on your targets in similar fashion to Phantom monsters.
- Cast “Possess” on your targets to turn monsters on each other.
- Necromancer’s Ghost: sets you to a non-corporeal phantom any time you take damage that would kill you, provided you have enough adrenaline at the time of impact.
- Soul Wraith pets now provide you health, and Adrenaline Wraith pets provide you adrenaline.
- Ghost pets switch between corporeal and non-corpreal form.
- Gold pets are immune to Titans, Tech Titans, and Ice Titans, but take 15% more damage from fire monsters.
- Monster Damage Bonus for summoners has been increased to 10% per level instead of 5%. 5% weapon damage reduction remains.
“Niche” - Tier Three:
- Players can specialize into a subclass by purchasing a “niche” once they reach level 200. You can not be in more than one niche at a time.
- Healers:
..... - Mass Healer niche: simultaneously heal your entire team in small increments.
..... - Guardian Healer niche: automatically spawns a healing blast at a selected teammate’s location if that teammate’s health drops below a certain level.
- Summoners:
..... - Ice Summoner niche: Ice pets do more damage to Fire monsters.
..... - Fire Summoner niche: Fire pets do more damage to Ice monsters.
- Necromancers:
..... - Soul niche: enhances Decay artifact and drastically increases the lifespan on resurrected players.
..... - Tether niche: enhances the Life Tether artifact and drastically increases the XP received from resurrected players.
..... - Phantom niche: enhances the Phantom artifact and drastically reduces the adrenaline on resurrection.
Miscellaneous Medic Log
- Reduced resurrection effects and removed announcement message, since the frequency will increase.
Classic RPG
Weapon Upgrade Abilities
- Modifies various properties to weapons such as reduced spread, longer link shafts, and quicker rocket lock-on times. Available to all players pre-subclass.
Melee Subclass
- Shield Gun only subclass. Other weapons can not be picked up.
- Increased damage and melee distance with Shield Gun, reduced self damage, shield-jump boost capabilities, and sturdiness.
Core Classic Subclass
- Increased stats for weapon speed, health, adrenaline, damage bonus, and damage reduction.
Miscellaneous ClassicRPG Log
- Removed Loaded Warrior and replaced with Plasma Grenade ability.
- Fixed Plasma Grenade Launcher exploding when teammates walk over.
- Secondary fire on Plasma Grenade Launcher now explodes plasma grenades.
Steam: hollon11
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Sep 17, 2017 3:14 AM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 346
Adrenaline Master
- Players with hardcore can now receive boosts from Damage and Safety sphere.
- Craftsman can longer remote-safety or remote-damage each other.
- Set Safety Sphere instigator to receive invulnerability rather than safety from damage.
- Magic Shield ability for Craftsman.
- New Artifact: Magnet.
Weapons Master
- New Weapon: Rail Gun. For Snipers only.
- Improved Sniper subclass so they do up to 75% flat damage no matter the distance, but will still take more damage depending on distance.
Lucky Strike Ability
- Available to all players.
- Gives a 1% chance per level of dropping ‘experience gems’ when killing a monster.
- Blue Gem = 5 XP.
- Green Gem = 10 XP.
- Purple Gem = 15 XP.
- Freebie for players levels 60 and under.
Nali Call Ability
- Available to all players.
- Gives a 1% chance per level of summoning a friendly Nali when killing a monster.
- Nalis will grant health, adrenaline, and shield.
- Nalis will become frightened and stop helping when it gets hurt, either from players or monsters.
New Monsters:
- Tentacles- Ice, Fire, Ghost, Gold.
- Tech Sniper
- Cosmic Mercenary
Changed Monsters:
- Phantoms now switch between corporeal and non-corporeal form.
- Arctic and Lava Skaarj now take proper damage/reduction from Ice Beam and Solar Turret.
- Changed Tech slug projectile from glob to giant spider mine.
- Tech Queens now fire tech bolts similar to the Sniper. Removed Tech Flies from Tech Queens.
- Modified pet monsters to call function Destroy() on death rather than Killed() to not break invasion waves.
- Fire Titan Heat Wave now passes through players and will only get destroyed until projectile lifespan is over(3 to 3.5 seconds).
Fixes/Improvements to Monsters:
- Fixed an issue where Heat/Freeze effects from Fire/Ice monsters can continue to apply to dead pawns.
- Fixed an interaction between certain projectiles and certain monsters not getting properly registered (ie ice projectiles on ice monsters).
- Fixed green decals on Ice, Fire, and Tech globs.
- Lightened up ice trails for Ice monsters.
- Reduced the visual effects load on Ice/Fire Mercenary lasers.
- Changed the visual effects on Ice/Fire Skaarj and Queen projectiles, and also reduces the visual effects load on Queen projectiles.
- Removed Gold blood decals from Gold Monsters which caused a blood-splatter problem on surfaces.
- Fixed Ice Giant Gasbag projectile emitter not getting destroyed.
- Added in damage types for Ice and Fire Pupaes, Flies, Mantas, and Tech Manta, so they show up on F3 stats.
- Fixed Logs for Pawn-None references in the NullInBlast functions for Ice and Fire monsters.
Miscellaneous Log
- Bots can no longer pick up artifacts, and will also not pick up the new experience gems.
- Fixed freebie damage reduction ability not getting added for certain classes.
- Fixed Protection weapon to now properly reduce damage and reinstate the ‘last-second save’ feature.
- Protection and Heavy Guard effects will now only apply to the holder if they are damaged by an opposing target rather than from teammate fire or self-fire.
- Reduced visual effects on Heat and Freezing weapons.
- Fixed warning logs for Actor-None references for Freeze and Heat weapons.
- Set Bullet Time to slow down projectiles by 10% per plus. No longer a 100% stop, which can cause problems with certain projectiles(AVRiL rockets) and general lag. Radius effect increased.
- Freeze weapons no longer freeze Ice monsters, and heat weapons no longer burn Fire monsters. Normal damage applies.
- Removed Deployable Fun mutator and replaced ONSMineLayer(default 8 mines) with DEKMineLayer(default 3 mines).
- Restored AVRiL ammo pickup size.
- New adrenaline combos: Lightning Rod (FFFF) replaces Speed combo and Holograph (RRLL) replaces invisibility. Removes a glitch with the Speed combo where the adrenaline resets to max after ending.
Monster Assault
- Return of the Monster Assault gametype.
- Players must complete objectives in Assault against defending monsters.
- Players have x amount of lives, after which they are OUT like in invasion. If an objective is completed, all dead players are respawned.
- Under MAS, players that are resurrected by Necromancers are resurrected permanently.
Known Bugs
- Weapons Proficiency does not work with MAS.
- Players will sometimes not respawn after dying in MAS. Must reconnect.
- Holograph and Phantom just sets your collision to false with other actors. However, you can still be hurt from melee attacks.
- After performing resurrection, new players who join will join as spectators. They must join the game when a wave has finished and is in countdown.
Steam: hollon11
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Sep 17, 2017 3:24 AM
Jefe Co-Owner - Joined: Jul 05, 2010
Posts: 420
Thanks for you hard work. There are so many new things to play with.
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Sep 19, 2017 2:58 AM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 346
An update to 206 already.

- Actually set the level 200 requirement for the Ice and Fire Summoner niche.
- Fixed Tech Pupae pet.
- Fixed an exploit where Necromancers could tether to pets and vehicles.
- Added in a timer countdown for resurrected players, as well as a sound and visual effect when spawning.
- Increased the lifespan on resurrected players for all Necromancers by 10 seconds.
- Increased the XP on the Possess artifact from 1 to 2(for every monster you turn against a target).
- Increased the damage on Doom, and added in a % chance for a meteor effect.
- Fixed Adrenaline Wraith pets not giving Necromancers any adrenaline.
- Fixed exploding sounds not playing for Traps.
- Fixed Explosive Sentinels boosting soul particles from Decay/Mass Drain.
- Fixed the Tech Slug drawscale.
- Added the Magic Shield effect for players in the Holograph combo or the Phantom ghost form so that null, knockback, and other magic effects will not apply to you.
Steam: hollon11
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Sep 19, 2017 5:26 AM
Non-member Joined: Jan 26, 2017
Posts: 12
Nice going Hollon!
unintentially gave us a lil taste of the fire and ice summoners
amazing update and nice work all the way!

Lots of respect for you!

x Scarlet
Sep 19, 2017 3:25 PM
cancer Member - Joined: Nov 17, 2013
Posts: 28


tried adding the image. testing the new stinger turret using that projectile boosting sent caused some ridiculous xp. 13k one match using 3 def and one projectile boosting, 20k the next match, using 2 def and 2 boosting. possible good idea to make the cost of it a bit more, it only costs 2, same as def. maybe make it 6 so you can only make 2 def and one of it. also lower how much xp it gives out? i wouldn't go anything drastic, as its a good support sentinel. keep in mind both matches i had either a bot or 1 or 2 players in the base also shooting projectiles.

added in the screen shots. i think this is the only thing ive found so far on general.

-denial doesn't work with being resurrected. once you get resurrected, you have the weapons, but once you die the second time as time runs out, you no longer have any weapon you were using.

-love the nali idea, but i think they shouldn't be able to be damaged by players, ive shot lots of them accidentally already. if they're not already, id make them be able to be killed by the monsters

-bullet time doesn't seem to work, it no longer stops projectiles at all

im sure there's others ill post them if i find them.


-I've only played it once so far, but it was a bit confusing to start with. maybe instead of having all the types of things, you get to choose which to buy? ie instead of niche, you have to buy each individual skill.

-love the resurrect idea, nothing really wrong with it other than that denial thing i posted above

ill keep looking for other things to update. so far awesome new build hollon. i'd like to personally thank you, Jefe, Dorian and Dragon for all the work you've done to help keep this server new and interesting.
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Sep 19, 2017 4:04 PM
Non-member Joined: Sep 11, 2017
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Who had the idea to make the point system use signed integers.. seems a bit illogical to me
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Sep 19, 2017 4:46 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 346
Thanks for the feedback Cancer. I'll probably pull the damage sentinel from the game for now til I can get another patch up. Your reward for finding that exploit is 20k exp, congrats!

If you have negative stat points, you can sell and rebuy. Mysterial made the RPG system, something I'll never tamper with.
Steam: hollon11
Sep 22, 2017 10:36 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 346
- Damage sentinels no longer boost Stinger Turret shards, and they no longer give XP for boosting their owner's projectiles. Too exploitable.
- Increased the healing on Healing Drones for Auto Engi to 2 per shot per level instead of 1.
- Added in the attacking drones for Auto Engineer which was supposed to be part of the big release- still a bit bugged, but better than before when it attacked teammates.
- Slightly decreased the interval at which the Lightning Turret projectile strikes out at targets (0.7 sec. vs. 1 sec.).
- Fixed the Defense Systems ability description(only increases the range of def sents, doesn't give extra XP).
- Decreased the max Bomb Traps on the Explosives subclass to 6 and increased the Aerial/Shock and Wildfire/Frost Traps to 2, so overall still a total of 10 Traps.
- Added in a timer message for the Phantom artifact.
- Removed the overlay material on weapons in the Phantom form, which could continue to apply after the form has finished.
- Slightly modified Resurrection to hopefully fix the new-player-spectator bug when someone joins the game after a resurrection.
- Added in a resurrect message for Necromancers so they can see who they resurrected without having to look at the scoreboard.
- Added in minimum XP for resurrection to encourage its use rather than "saving it for high levels/WMs". Every resurrection will receive at least 10 XP.
- Fixed Denial not applying for resurrected players.
- Slightly increased the speed on resurrected players.
- Bullet Time restored.
- Fixed Heat weapons not applying to yourself with self damage.
- Fixed Freezing weapons not doing extra damage to Fire monsters.
- Decreased the damage on Heat/Freeze weapons to 10% per plus against Ice/Fire instead of 15% per plus.
- Fixed Globe artifact keybind.
- Reduced adrenaline consumption on the lightning rod combo from 5 adren per target to 3 adren per target.
- Added in F3 kills for the lightning rod combo.
- Removed overlay material on weapons for the Holograph combo where it could continue to apply after the combo has finished.

The subscription for the test server is about to expire in a few weeks. I'd rather not renew the subscription, so I'd like to get all the urgent bugs fixed before that happens. Please to continue to inform me of such matters.
Steam: hollon11
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Sep 23, 2017 4:35 PM
Nickgavran Member - Joined: Feb 19, 2015
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Excellent update and fixes so far Hollon. Here are some bugs / gameplay concerns I've accumulated thus far:


Gold kralls are in the wrong "state". They are constantly slow, as if they're in the "legs shot off" state.

Gold Gasbag is gone? Not sure if accidental or intended. Your call.

Adrenal Wraiths are using the Soul Wraith skins. Additionally they no longer shoot their blackholes, but rather leave stationary ones. Intended?

Being 'Nulled' as you enter (or have entered) Phantom form gets you stuck until you use the translocator.

The recoil when firing the Stinger Turret in the secondary fire mode is:
1) Not synced up with the shots.
2 )Way too big and annoying, needs to be reduced to 5-10% of current setting.
Primary fire mode is also a bit loud, should probably have its volume lowered quite a bit.

As a non-niche Necromancer, I only receive a guaranteed 8 xp for resurrecting, as opposed to the 10 xp you're supposed to be getting.
Additionally, if you're in Phantom Form, you cannot pickup XP Gems. All the other pickups is fine not being able to be picked up, but you should be able to always pick up XP Gems, considering you've actually spent points on the skill.

ClassicRPG: The RocketLauncher upgrade still isn't working, and the LinkGun upgrade for the shaft length increase is also not working (LinkGun primary firing upgrade works)

Vampiric Leech works with Decay, MassDrain and Phantom. So far it's the only one that does. (I recommend you check Solarpower too as it has Adrenaline leeching capabilities)

Gameplay concerns:

ClassicRPG: We get a GrenadeLauncher upgrade, but the only way to get one is having a WM drop one. Maybe replace the useless AGGL with the regular GL? Or provide both.
We have much better access to the Sniper Rifle and the Utility Rifle, yet don't have upgrades for those.

Lava Skaarj at 14 MP (for the Fire-Niche as a Summoner) will never be used, damage is negligible vs other 14MP worth of pets. Too high cost.

Phantom Form shouldn't really regenerate health. It's already insanely good without it, and you already have 3 other means of solid HP-income, in the form of Tether, Decay and MassDrain.

Damage on the Stinger Turret is really low, perhaps lower than the Minigun Turret which is hitscan and easier to hit (Thus Stinger Turret is a slow projectile, low damage Turret. Only instance it might be better is with a Damage Sentinel up which I somewhat still doubt. Others have pointed this out as well, and I'm not really sure what role the Stinger Turret is supposed to be filling at its current damage output.

All "Auto"Sentinels don't work when you aim at monsters from inside a Turret or Vehicle. Rendering basically all your offensive sentinels useless most of the time. The time you're actually on foot, they still require you to aim at a target fairly constant, making them heavily nerfed versions of their automatic counterparts.
Furthermore, getting 50 Max ammo and Resupply to have an impact on the battefield through weapons is at least 50 points wasted for an engineer, as no other subclass wants that.
I propose you remove the Dsent Resupply, and add a Drone Resupply on your Healing Drones(that DOESN'T require 50 Max Ammo to buy), then you still get resupply, but can also support others while on the battlefield.
(Still not sure what Auto Engineers are supposed to do. They are quite ineffecient with Weapons, horrible at vehicle usage as they provide low damage and mediocre survivability. Turret usage isn't recommended as it only gets the weak ones, and there are better subclasses for that)

The "Sniper" subclass for WM is not the best sniper subclass...
Seeing as a "Sniper" only gets 75% damage increase to certain weapon firing modes, yet nothing to the rest of the weapons, its damage output using those is pretty much identical to an Extreme WM since they have 50% extra DB and maxed weapons (rounding it up closely to 70-75% most of the time). Even though "Snipers" also get magic weapons, they're rarely maxed. Furthermore Snipers also take a lot of extra damage, since the most dangerous targets aren't far from you, but the ones close to you.
Heck, even testing the Tank subclass, I performed somewhat equally using only Snipers (Actually better in some cases since I took much less damage and on waves 1-5 you don't need to shoot fast since there aren't many targets at a time)
"Snipers" are also heavily gimped by the fact that they can't hit multiple targets at once, and require dead-precision aim since their weapons don't have splash.
Also, the RailGun doesn't seem to be affected by Berserk since it's a charge up gun, so the only thing where it might've been better, isn't really any better.
Point is: "Sniper" subclass isn't the best WM Subclass for sniping, and its nerfs heavily outweighs its buffs and upsides.