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May 07, 2017 11:23 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 173
I may take a turn with Necromancers and head toward a different approach yet again.

The plans currently are to move from a full-on resurrection to a revenant, Necromancer-controlled resurrection, and from a WM-like gameplay to a more fitting thematic gameplay.

I want to go a bit further and have different 'forms' of Necromancers to fit the theme while still fulfilling the overall medic support class.

Soul Form:
Use Decay and Mass Drain, as described in the post above, to sustain yourself. Normal weapon damage. Allow pet summons and resurrection.
*Advantages: You have all your perks as a Necromancer, and you have potential for racking up kills through Decay/Mass Drain.
*Disadvantages: You need to constantly sustain yourself, and you have no protection at death.

Tether Form:
Tether your life to another player, or the host. Your HP will match the host's HP. So if you take damage, your HP will automatically readjust to match the host's HP. If the host dies, you die as well. No Decay/Mass Drain. Half weapon damage. No pets. Allow resurrection, but share the revenant XP between you and the host. This means that under the Tether form, if the host dies, you die, and all your revenants die. A delicious string of deaths!
*Advantages: You don't need to worry about your HP, especially when tethered to a medic/Healer.
*Disadvantages: You can't do much unless someone is dead, and even if you have a revenant, you have to share the XP with the host.

Phantom Form:
When you are alive, you will have normal weapon damage and pets, but no resurrection and no Decay/Mass Drain. Anytime you take damage that will kill you, instead of dying you'll become a non-corporeal ghost for a small amount of time, provided you have enough adrenaline at the time of impact. Sound very familiar to the Ghost ability? The difference here is that you'll have full control over your ghost state.
While you're in your ghost state, your health will reset to it's normal starting point. You will not be able to kill with weapons, but you'll be able to mass-resurrect players at no adrenaline cost. You gain the adrenaline that revenants gain. Once you revert back to your mortal form, you will not be able to resurrect again until you go into your Phantom form. This will repeat as long as you are above the adrenaline threshold to move between death and life(and each pass will take adrenaline). If you do not have the adrenaline at impact, you will die.
*Advantages: You have a shield from death, and you are at your most powerful in the ghost state by being able to resurrect an "army" with potential for high XP return.
*Disadvantages: You are almost helpless when in the mortal form with no sustainability, and you rely heavily on adrenaline to keep alive. Adrenaline return is highly dependent on revenant performance.

You will only be able to play as one of the forms above at a time. These are not subclasses, but rather different variations within Necromancers. This will most likely be a prototype for a Tier-Three system for other subclasses.

These ideas aren't finalized, still iffy on the Phantom form. But the forms are definitely a direction I want to go. I simply wasn't happy with just the Decay/Mass Drain feature.
Last edited by: hollon May 11, 2017 12:08 AM
May 24, 2017 11:36 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 173
The groundwork has been laid for the three Necromancer forms and the Weaponry-Builder symbiotic link. Now it's just a matter of polishing and inputting some balanced values.

What I'll probably be working on next are some new turrets and the pet commands for Summoners. I'd like to wrap up with Engis and Medics before moving on to WM, AM and ClassicRPG.

For turrets, I plan on making a simple "plasma" turret that'll replace the Ball Turret, and then the Ball will be exclusive to Weaponry. I also plan on a Lightning Turret with both a projectile and instant-hit mode, and a Paladin Turret with a single cannon and shield mode which will be exclusive to Explosives. I also intend on further nerfing the Solar and Odin turrets. If anyone has other ideas for turrets or even sentinels, let me know.

The multi-user turret is most likely a no go for 206. I have a lot on my plate.
Jun 06, 2017 8:25 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 173
Several things:
1) 4 new turrets:
- Stinger Turret, U1 style.
- Lightning Turret which will do more damage to Tech monsters.
- Skymine Turret, a nerfed version of the Hellbender's.
- Plasma Turret with two firing modes.
- Also added in secondary firing mode for Minigun Turret similar to Minigun weapon.
- I also plan on getting the Link Turret working again, but I'll need to test this online.

4 new sentinels:
- Assault Sentinel - minigun/machine gun ish.
- Sniper Sentinel - high range sentinel.
- Hellfire Sentinel - SPMA influence.
- AutoSniper (for Autos)

2) I plan on slightly changing how tech monsters interact with engineers. Rather than doing more damage to constructions, all tech projectiles will now bypass defense sentinels like the tech warlords currently.

I also plan on nerfing link damage, both to turrets and to the weapon. For turret linking, the first link is a whopping 75% extra bonus, then 125% on 2 links and 150% on 3. I've bumped it down to 25%, 50%, and 75%. For weapon linking, 1 link = extra 50%. Either I bump that down, or I make it so triple damage can not be used with the Engineer Link. I wouldn't mind too much on other non-Engi links.

3) Now to start on pet commands.
Jun 23, 2017 9:06 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 173
I have been reworking Necromancers again, and now they're starting to feel like a full standalone class! Pet commands have been put aside for the time being; it would be better once I move on to monsters to work on the commands since they're a bit interconnected.

At this point, I am mostly finished with Engineers and Medics. Before moving on to WM/AM/Classic, I want to run an online test to get ENG/MM out of the way. I'll also be looking for package dependencies like textures, animations, etc. that I may have overlooked. You all may see a test server in the next few weeks or so.

Doing my best to speed things along. I don't anticipate Classic and WM taking too long, AM may take a bit longer.

Some screenies:

Necromancers get an "Advanced Ghost" ability where they can control their ghost-selves. Phantom Form will enhance this ability.

Decay/Mass Drain for Necromancers.

Assault Sentinels for Engineers, very much in the style of Goliath mini turrets.

Lightning Turret which will electrocute nearby targets.

Plasma Turret

Turret textures will be refinished by Dragon once I test them online.
Last edited by: hollon Jun 23, 2017 10:13 PM
Jul 22, 2017 5:56 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 173
Online testing is somewhat complete with medics and engineers. Basically, I've fixed the major problems and left the minor bugs for a second screening or an A/B/C fix.

I'll be starting on WM/AM/Classic soon. Hopefully I can crank these out within 2-3 weeks and then get working on monsters.

For how long this project is taking, I may end up scrapping some concepts for the 206 release. The bonus wave 17 and the silly-for-fun skills for high level players will also probably be on an A/B/C version release.

Test server is still up for those who've donated and want to get a first look.
Aug 05, 2017 9:52 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 173
I want to get things moving along, and this project has been progressing somewhat longer than I'd like.

I'll be putting AM subclasses off on hold. I want to go over the concepts a bit more, and I also have something else up my sleeve, so it won't be all bad.

Working on getting the critical bugs and issues fixed, and a few additional things like Magic Shield and Experience Gems, and then moving onto monsters.

ClassicRPG has been finished and now includes a weapon-upgrade system pre-subclass, and then two new subclasses- Melee and Core Classic. Core Classic is a boost in all core stats like Weapon Speed, Health, DB/DR, etc. The Rage subclass is a no-go for now.

The only change to WMs is the Sniper subclass, which now deals a permanent damage on certain weapons rather than having it distance-based. The only thing that is distance-based is when monsters are damaging you-- the closer you are to the source of damage, the more it applies to you, so it is still beneficial to keep your distance. And the Rail Gun is also included for Snipers. Should be a lot more competitive now with the other WM subclasses.

I don't plan on doing too much with monsters, but just to add some more variety so that waves transition even more smoothly. I'll be making medium-sized Pupaes, Razorflies, and Mantas that'll be a good fit around waves 5-7, a giant skeleton, and things like Cosmic Mercenaries, Tech Snipers, and Fire/Ice cows.

I still plan on modifying the gold and ghost pets too, so that'll be in this portion of the project.

Hopefully not too much longer now.
Last edited by: hollon Aug 05, 2017 10:04 PM
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