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May 15, 2017 10:42 PM
Jefe Co-Owner - Joined: Jul 05, 2010
Posts: 402

Gavran's Changes (1st pass): Removed Block Volumes on top of middle buildings. Removed Block Volumes on top of Casino. Removed smaller Block Volumes above outer fences. Added Block Volumes all around the map, disallowing OOB but access to roofs. Added extra fences (and small areas within). Added Block Volumes on all OOB windows/rooms. Drawscaled fences correctly to fit between the buildings. Added Redeemer within a fence-area. Added IonPainter on top of Casino. Improved Visuals: Finished powerline structures, added traintunnels, added some buildings to hide awkward train movement, added a parkinglot behind casino with some details, added overall more and varied trees and bushes on perimeter, added extra building to empty OOB area with some lights. Fixed various texture bugs not alligned correctly on some buildings.

Jefe's changes (2nd pass): Tons of texture optimization; removed unused alpha layers and replaced some textures with stock equivalents. Edited some textures for better appearance. New shaders with specularity for windows, doors and vehicles. Lots of new signs. Set exterior deco meshes to disappear on low detail. Added fog. Sports car and some textures borrowed from DM-PueblinCanino. Music switches added throughout level; press 'e' on a pc. Opened 'Skaarj Bucks' as a base room. Reduced file size from 70 to 50mb. Fixed roof mesh collision.

Known Bugs: Ion Painters sometimes do not work. Seems to be related to how long the server has been running.

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