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Feb 04, 2017 2:13 AM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 185
- Slightly edited the waves to further accommodate low level players. Tried out fresh characters as WM, AM and Classic over the past few days, and the difficulty spiked on wave 5 because of the higher-end Kralls and Geodudes. Ice and Fire will start to appear on wave 7 instead.
- Lowered the amount of Wave 6 titans out at a time from 16 to 14, so 3.5 per player if 4 on. Wave 14 will still be 16 titans.
- Got rid of redeemers for fire nali fighters.
Steam: hollon11
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Mar 17, 2017 4:02 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 185
Right now, the safety sphere and damage sphere on Craftsman is broken. I created a new class for these artifacts specifically for Craftsman and didn't realize that I needed to change the inventory classes as well. For now, I'll just put in the regular damage and safety sphere. Also, I don't like that Extreme AM has a 50% adrenaline reduction in sphere artifacts. It should be a Craftsman exclusive thing. I may end up removing spheres from Extreme AM, but keeping the remote artifacts for them.

I intend to fix up Necromancer a bit with the spectator bug. Resurrecting a player will catch a spectator if there is one. That should be easily fixed. What confuses me though is that sometimes, you'll resurrect a dead player in game with no spectator around, but when a new player joins, they are forced into spectator and can not join until a new wave starts. I might have a solution to this, but I won't know if it works until I put it on the server. I can't replicate this myself on instant action.

With the new low-level damage reduction assist, it's hard to tell whether it's kicking in at the specified waves. To be safe, I'm probably going to change it to the normal Adv. DR ability and change the levels accordingly as players level up. So it won't be based on waves anymore.

Force/Slow Motion is still on AvRIL- which will crash you on Slow Motion -6.

Mine Booster Sentinel is still broken -- but, with the introduction of the Explosives subclass soon, I'm going to leave this as an Explosives exclusive thing, and let WM/Eng and Auto Engis have the regular damage sentinel... sorry cancer!

These are a bit urgent fixes, so there will be yet again another 205 update from D to E. But hey, at least the crash bug is gone!
Steam: hollon11
Mar 20, 2017 4:34 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 185
205D upgraded to 205E:

- Fixed sphere artifacts not affecting the Craftsman player. Rather than making new artifacts for Craftsman and changing the adrenaline and EXP properties in them, I've instead created two new abilities that will modify these values on the original artifacts- Enhanced Artifacts and Experienced Artifacts. This means, when you do keybinds, you don't need "ArtifactCraftsmanSphereDamage" or "ArtifactCraftsmanRemoteMax". They are now all the same artifacts as AM and Extreme AM. I removed the sphere artifacts from Extreme AM, but they still have remote artifacts.

- I've added in a few more checks to Necromancer so that 1) they resurrect someone that's on the same team (not an issue on Invasion, but for things like Last Man Standing), and 2) that the player not be a spectator. Of course, I can't replicate this on instant action, so do let me know if spectators are still affected. I've also increased the melee damage on the immortal skeletons from 12 to 35 since they are so harmless on wave 16. This also means your pet skeletons will do higher damage. I've also allowed one phantom pet + another soul wraith or adrenaline wraith.

- Fixed an issue where having Earth Shield affected your healing if you had a flak or rocket medic weapon, or if you had Plasma Shield and you had a shock medic weapon.

- Damage Reduction freebie is no longer waves-based. It now takes on the normal ADV DR ability, and is given to players levels 30 and under at 32% reduction. After that, the freebie is gone. This doesn't apply to ClassicRPG.

- Hopefully removed force/slow motion from AVRiL.

- Readded in the DeployableFun mutator, which limits the spider mines to 3 instead of 8. Mistake on my part when upgrading to 205D.
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May 06, 2017 9:14 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 185
- Added in some new pets and deleted others.

Pets no longer teleport. It was becoming a nuisance for me even though it was a great addition for Summoners. What I intend though is to add the teleport function for one of the pet commands in 206 so players can choose between whether they attack and teleport or defend/hold position.

I also greatly reduced the adrenaline cost for pets. They were cheaper than the regular summon artifact but only by a smidge. The regular summoning charm's adrenaline cost is 10x the point value of the monster. For Loaded Monsters, it's now 5x. This affects regular medics and healers too, but in 206 I intend the 5x to be for Summoners only. Regular medics and Healers will get 7x-8x. Enjoy while it lasts.

With the removal of teleport, this also means pets are back at their 'same species as' function where they won't attack their own kin. Whether I want it like this or not, I'm not sure yet. I removed it primarily to make pets more efficient, but with the addition of several other monsters it'll keep players from summoning the same powerful pets (ie dual gold skaarj, dual warlords, etc.). Best way is to diversify your pet summons and strategize what you summon by wave.

- Removed tech slith from monster charm.

- For Craftsman, I reduced the damage reduction from 15% per level to 5%. So now they take up to 15% less damage reduction instead of 45% at max Loaded Craftsman. Safety sphere is still broken and will require an RPG roll- most likely in 206.

- Added in the vanilla + and - magic modifiers, which do 10% damage per plus/minus.
Steam: hollon11