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A talk about Weapons
Dec 05, 2016 9:36 AM
Nickgavran Member - Joined: Feb 19, 2015
Posts: 21
There are a number of things I'd like to bring up about the current loadout of weapons that are available on the server which I think can be enhanced greatly. Mostly, this is about Loaded Weapons that the WM receives, but not only that.

Basically, as it currently is, I feel the Loaded Weapons ability's weapons need to be re-arranged. Currently, they do not receive;

Bio-Rifle (which is a great weapon for Weapon profeciency and quite great on Berserker), and I've noticed an ongoing trend of many DC maps having the bio-rifle removed from the map (I don't understand why). I know many people do not use it, but if you are on high waves as a Medic and the Bio-Rifle is the only weapon you can find, it's surely a lot better than nothing. It's a greatly underrated weapon, and there's no reason as to why Loaded Weapons does not grant it to you, and that it is removed from so many maps.

Classic Sniper Rifle which offers a slightly different approach to sniping than the Lightning gun, both visually and offensively, in the sense it's not the same type of hitscan AND if you're playing the sniper subclass (Which is already severely underpowered) and you don't receive a good magical affix on your only sniper, Lightning Gun, you either reconnect and hope, pray for an MWM, or realise Sniper subclass is too heavily nerfed compared to any other subclass and pick the same subclass as everyone else.
As Cancer has said when I asked him about it "It should never have been removed". Take a moment to listen to a level 500+ WM.

Grenade Launcher is a great weapon, both offensively with a good burst damage output, and defensively if you need to lay out grenades on the floor on higher waves in the hope of dealing a good amount of burst damage as soon as a Queen teleports, or any fire monster emerges. Medics can benefit from this weapon as well, as it offers great healing properties too. The weapon's DPS is not the highest in the game (That goes to the LinkGun), so it is not OP.
It offers a unique playstyle, and as it is, I think that both Loaded Weapons should grant this, and it should spawn on regular maps instead of being replaced.

Lets talk about a weapon that the Loaded Weapon does grant:

The weakest gun in the game:
Mercury Launcher. Its' damage output is very low, it uses up tons of ammo compared to the damage it does per rocket (compared to other weapons like Flak and RocketLauncher that does far more damage per shot, heck even the snipers do more), it has very limited splash, so you need to always hit a monster directly. It's a projectile, so monsters will dodge it more often than not, even if you're using that odd tracking ability it grants you. I've had every weapon on 125% DB as Weapons profeciency, which usually isn't too hard. Mercury Launcher I've had at 89%, which was at wave 16. I simply could not get it any higher due to it's low damage, high ammo cost. Even at 89% it was still underperforming, and a 0% Lightning gun was better. Let's also not forget the fact it shares the same slot as the snipers, yet it's not a sniper, so if you're hoping to get a sniper out, chances are you're boned. That is the exact reason why EVERY WM tosses it at the start of the game. Yes, I've not seen ANYONE use it, besides low level players who wants to try a new weapon, and even they see it's bad potential and usually only make a few kills with it, before giving it up.
As Cancer said when I asked him when he uses it: "Very rarely". That was 1 month ago and I've yet to see him use it once.

Replace this weapon with the Classic Sniper Rifle.

As a final note; Target Painter is currently replaced. It offers a fun mechanic, as it's a quite unique weapon. It's not overly damaging, but it can cover quite a large area and would be fun to play around with.
Asking Jefe about the replacement of this weapon, his reasoning was "It doesn't work on most maps". Well, neither does the Ion painter due to poor mapping, but I don't see that getting removed.
I think this weapon should be granted by Loaded Weapons, and should spawn on the maps it belongs again, rather than getting replaced.

I think it's better to have the approach of offering us more ways to play, rather than remove core aspects of the game because a few people feel like it doesn't work.
The bio obviously doesn't work well in big outdoor maps, the same way that using a redeemer indoors in a small area with you standing right there won't work, doesn't mean the bio and redeemer should be removed. It means, use your gamesense and use it appropriately, and if you kill yourself or cannot use the weapon to its' full potential, you shouldn't blame the weapon, rather yourself.

I'd love to get some feedback, and hopefully some more insight as to why things are like they are at this moment.

Dec 07, 2016 7:30 PM
Spike Member - Joined: Dec 15, 2013
Posts: 13
I do miss grenades with my WM and I never use the mercury launcher either.
Spike - Spikeneer - Dr.Spike
Dec 08, 2016 8:34 PM
cancer Member - Joined: Nov 17, 2013
Posts: 27
I'm pretty sure Bio was replaced in loaded weapons by mine layer, since a lot of people wanted the mine layer, but it was only available at a certain loaded weapons. I do not remember if GEN's could get that one or not. I honestly never use bio, so i would just toss it. Dragon seemed to like using bio as a medic a lot, I'm sure he's not the only one.

I would love for the sniper rifle to be brought back, or at least an option to spend points to have it (like the assault rifle, shield gun) It's a bit quicker than LG but slower than shock, but can be zoomed. i'd use a sniper over LG any day.

Grenade launcher was more made for ONS and VCTF, IMO. It will stick to monsters, but i've really never used it much. When my WM used to spawn with one it's one of a few weapons i would toss.

Mercury Launcher CAN be a great weapon with the right person. I usually toss mine. It's in the LG/Sniper slot because when used it does the same effect. I used to use it on titan waves as if timed right it would stop the titan from throwing his projectile. Pretty sure it only worked on wave 6 titans though. I never have the patience to use the aim box zoom provided with it, so i just stopped using it. It could stay for all i care, im sure others might actually like the weapon, but i do not.

The ion/target i rarely use, just because as a WM to get enough time holding still to get it to fire, that and as jefe said, it often doesn't work on maps with roofs on them, and even some with areas that look open but aren't.

All in all, the only real change i'd fully support would be to bring back the Sniper rifle. Especially for the Sniper Subclass (kinda funny it didn't have it in the first place). It could be added back into the loaded weapons or do the assault rifle/shield gun type of thing where you could choose to have the Sniper rifle or the Mercury Launcher.
cancer - EM | JEB - Gen | 91/30 - WM | nx2k - MM
Dec 10, 2016 11:09 PM
Spike Member - Joined: Dec 15, 2013
Posts: 13
Sticking grenades on mines made for a great trap
Spike - Spikeneer - Dr.Spike