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Joining DC?
Apr 15, 2014 5:15 PM
lavalamp-drinker Member - Joined: Apr 15, 2014
Posts: 1
Hey guys, so most of you all my not know me but maybe some do. Who knows maybe some recognize me every now and then. So I've been playing on the server since I want to say 2006 and my account on the old DC site is Jinglebells which was created in 2008 I believe, but I was 10 when I started playing so I never kept a consistent name because I was a hell bent CTF player and loved the whole idea of clans and always swapped around after a few months at a time to a different group and so on. I've always came back to this game whenever I get the chance and it's not a whole lot anymore because I'm wrapping up my first year in college but when I do find my way back to this game I always hop on the DC server for a few games until that little streak dies off until I have time to get back to it. My highest player is like a 42 I want to say? It's named jingleweapons for anyone who may recognize me but instead of just donating straight away I wanted to see if you all would be alright with me getting the tags and joining the community. I'm not too concerned about swapping my name. I don't have a problem with restarting because it's not like I was a ridiculously high level or anything. I'd like to help out and donate when I can and every time I hop on I'd like to have the DC tag on for when I do get to play because I've always been a huge fan of this community although I haven't been a huge part on it. Well I think that about wraps it up for me, just let me know.

Thanks guys,
Apr 15, 2014 7:14 PM
[DC]Treloar Member - Joined: Dec 02, 2013
Posts: 130
I vaguely recall you.... though I must say it's been awhile.
Apr 15, 2014 8:43 PM
Jefe Co-Owner - Joined: Jul 05, 2010
Posts: 420
While I'm happy that you would like to use the DC tag and that you intend to donate in the future, the tag is something of a badge showing that you have supported the server. So don't take it negatively that we can't allow it for players that haven't made a contribution.

You are more than welcome to play on the server as much as you want - you will always be welcome. You don't need tags to be part of our community. Just show up and make friends. Whenever you are able to donate, I can add the tags to your existing characters.

EDIT: Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for the donation!

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Apr 15, 2014 11:53 PM
Hollon Admin - Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 346
First year in college, eh? The age distribution is evening out!!

Lol, welcome back.
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Apr 16, 2014 9:31 AM
<DC>DEMONSLAYER Co-Owner - Joined: Apr 05, 2009
Posts: 225
Welcome to one of the top ranked UT2004 servers in the world.
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