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D-E-K and DC merger
Oct 14, 2013 9:56 AM
Jefe Co-Owner - Joined: Jul 05, 2010
Posts: 420
Disastrous Consequences and The Demon-Eating-Kitten servers are now one and the same. Character data from both servers has been combined. Please welcome Demonslayer as the new co-owner of the server!

I'll be working on tweaking and balancing basic class configurations over the coming weeks, eventually adding at least some subclasses to the mix.

As D-E-K regulars know, I've run the server up to this point without subclasses. Subclasses really are a pain in the butt to configure and more importantly tough to balance. I want to see how high level characters do with the current server configs for a bit, before working on subclasses. I haven't played much on the old DC server since subclasses came out, so I'll need a bit of guidance on what people liked and didn't like, what was generally seen as over or under-powered. My preference is to get a couple of good, new, subclasses going for each class, rather than simply recreating all the ones that were on DC. I've gotten feedback that there were some balance issues on DC, especially with the AM class, so I'd like to get more info on what worked or didn't work there.

I also plan to work on monster configs. What we'll end up having is a bit of hybrid of the classic DC monster waves along with a lot of the current D-E-K content, especially the UT-based monsters. If there are some things you really like or dislike about either the DC or D-E-K monster setup, now is the time to let me know.

Also, as part of the merger I spent a lot of time yesterday manually combining player data. The DC RPG file is quite big (10 mb) and a lot of that is just level 5 names. I'm going to be running a clean-up utility to remove a lot of the player data under level 30 or so. (I would have done it already, but I haven't found a download for the tool yet.) The server is currently set to start new players at level 15 so that leveling back up if you were under that cutoff won't be so brutal.

If you had level 40 or higher accounts on both DEK and DC, I gave you some bonus levels if I could tell it was the same player. If the name was slightly different on DC and DEK, I generally went with whatever name was higher. If it was a lower level character, the character may have been deleted. If you were affected by this or need your name changed, just let me know, and I'll fix you up.

One last thing: if there are certain DC maps you really miss, let me know which ones! I'll try to add at least a few of the most popular ones.
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Oct 14, 2013 11:59 AM
<DC>DEMONSLAYER Co-Owner - Joined: Apr 05, 2009
Posts: 225
I would like to take the time to welcome everyone from both the old Disastrous Consequences and D-E-K servers to the new DC server for UT2004 invasion.

As Jefe said, we do need your input on monsters, maps, classes/subclasses. etc. Please do not hesitate with your input and suggestions so we can make this the best invasion server possible.
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Orson Welles
Oct 14, 2013 1:01 PM
Jefe Co-Owner - Joined: Jul 05, 2010
Posts: 420
Ah yes, I forgot to welcome the DC players! For those of you who don't know about D-E-K, I founded it back in July of 2010. It's been a fairly small and close-knit server since then, but with a loyal group of players, much like DC. I'm proud to call them my friends, and I hope to get to know more of the DC players, some of whom might remember me from when I played there, or know me from the DC or Epic forums. I hope you all, DC and D-E-K regulars, continue to have fun here at the new DC server!

By the way, if you'd like to contribute to the upkeep of the server you can do so at this link:
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Oct 14, 2013 1:32 PM
[DC]TON80 Moderator - Joined: Aug 18, 2008
Posts: 19
Excellent! Looking forward to playing on the combined server and can't wait for the subclasses. You guys rock.
Oct 14, 2013 6:53 PM
Dragon7350 Member - Joined: Oct 11, 2013
Posts: 152
Holy crap. A merge. Now that's Interesting.

I am now working on my input . . . give me a few hours.

(And hey, maybe I can do some modeling for the server. That is to say 3d modeling and not the other kind of modeling.)

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Oct 14, 2013 11:00 PM
ZOG Member - Joined: Oct 10, 2013
Posts: 5
Glad to be a small part of the newly combined servers. Played for first time today. Looking forward to making some new DEK friends!
Oct 15, 2013 4:46 AM
Dragon7350 Member - Joined: Oct 11, 2013
Posts: 152
I've been playing UT 2004 for five to six years now, and three of those years have been spent playing invasion on the servers DC, DEK, and Death Warrant. I have compiled a list of the features that I think the new server should have. Hopefully something here will become inspirational. I don't know how much change you want from the original server Jefe, so I just wrote down everything I could possibly think of.

1. The server should have frequent updates. -Every server should.
2. The server should have zero bugs and zero glitches. -Every server should.
3. The server should be set to "experienced" difficulty. -Newcomers would have a hard time starting out.
4. The server should show a message telling the player to buy a class upon entering the server if they are a starting-level character. -Newcomers sometimes don't know about classes.
5. A sound should be played every time experience is gained (varying in pitch by the amount gained). -It can be more satisfying.
6. The server should support voice chat. -Every server should.
7. Adrenaline should be gained by damaging monsters and not by killing them on the last hit. -Prevents unnecessary competition with other players.
8. Kill streak messages should be accurately associated with the announcer's kill streak message. -Both are usually not the same messages.
9. There should be commands and keybind support for the selection of all pets and all constructions. -These we have always needed.
10. Achievements such as "head hunter" and "flak monkey" should extend to other weapons with each weapon having own achievement system. -This would be interesting.
11. There should be a daily experience bonus where players are given a static amount of experience once per day. -This would help keep players on the server.
12. Everything should be balanced as best as possible. -Every server should.
13. There should be random double-experience weekends. -This would help increase the amount of players active on the weekends.
14. Monster waves should be shorter than DEK's setup. -DC had the right amount of monsters. People don't want to wait too long to join back in.
15. Players should be able to buy skills even after death. -I don't know if this was changed, but DEK used to not allow the buying of skills upon death.
16. Maps should not take a long time to load. -Every server should.

1. Administrators should be active on the server. -Every server should.
2. The server should have a vast community full of friendly people. -Every server should.
3. The server should have a bestiary: a list of all monsters in the game. -Don't really need it, but it'd be nice to have.
4. The server should have a list of all magic weapons and their functions. -Every server should.
5. The server should have a list of all abilities. -Every server should.
6. The server should have a list of all artifacts. -Every server should.

1. The boots of flight up/down should be controllable via crouch and jump. They should also last longer. -Hard to control the boots with just the movement controls. I don't see the harm in making the duration longer since most deem it a useless artifact anyway.
2. The electromagnet should be removed. -This is a useless artifact.
3. The teleporter should prioritize teleporting the player into another player's base. -Otherwise, no one uses this artifact.
4. The icons and the models of every artifact need an artistic overhall. They could use an animation. -The artifacts look kind of ugly.
5. The icons for every artifact should change their icon upon activation. -Provides players with instant gratification as they know the artifact is working.
6. Monsters (or at least some of them) should drop ammo relative to how difficult they are -Provides a means of ammo replenishment when the map does not.
7. Monsters (or at least some of them) should drop health relative to how difficult they are. -Provides a means of health replenishment when the map does not.
8. Monsters should drop an artifact that can heal the user partially or fully upon activation. It should disappear after use. Or it can be the Nali fruit seed from Unreal Gold which, upon use, will grow on the ground for a few seconds before providing some health. -This would be interesting.
9. Monsters should drop an artifact that acts as a life-saving shield. Upon taking lethal damage, the user will receive a short duration of invulnerability. Then the item is consumed. -Provides a unique way of staying alive longer.
10. Artifacts that affect the user over time should add a unique HUD effect. -Provides players with instant gratification as they know the artifact is working.
11. Artifacts that are visible in the game world (like healing spheres and shield blasts) should have a better appearance. -Spheres need this so that they aren't as distracting and hard to shoot through.
12. Picking up monster-dropped artifacts should be instantaneous once the player grabs it (unlike DC). -Why make it hard to grab artifacts?
13. There should be more recognition on the client side that an artifact has been picked up (instead of just a sound). -Provides players with instant gratification.
14. Jump boots should be added to the game. -Why not!

1. The monsters on the server should relate to the Unreal universe. -Otherwise, the original feel of Unreal can be lost completely.
2. The server should use monsters from Unreal II: The Awakening. -Provides more monsters for the server without defeating the Unreal feel.
3. The server should have all older monsters from Unreal Gold remastered (reskinned). I can help! -The monsters could use a makeover.
4. The server should incorporate themed monster waves at mostly random waves. -Adds flavor to the monster waves. No repetition.
5. The server should include a boss in the middle of the game and a boss at the end. The monsters at the end of Unreal II: Awakening would make great monsters (with their instakill black hole cannons). -It would be interesting. Make sure it's based on tactics and not constant shooting.
6. Dead monster bodies shouldn't receive bullet decal effects or Aerial View's crosshair raycasting. -This can confuse the shooting process.
7. Larger monsters should have smaller gibs. -The screen can fill up with gibs very easily. I'm referring to gasbags mainly.
8. Melee monsters shouldn't be able to hit multiple times within the span of a second (flies). -Flies can destroy players in close quarters.
9. Monster fire shouldn't be interrupted by Mercury missiles, the minigun, and snipers. Examples with minigun include skaarj, sliths, and gasbags. Examples with snipers include titans, queens, and warlords. -This may or may not have been intended.
10. Titans shouldn't be able to spawn too close around players. -Titans are very difficult to begin with. No need to make them assassins.
11. There should be some monsters that prioritize and do extra damage to engineer constructions. -DC had sliths that did this.
12. There should be more nali monsers. The head hunter kill streak should be available to players. -It's nice to have a chance at a little more experience.
13. Player levels shouldn't scale the monster level damage reduction. -It's not fun to play alone as a high level trying to fight monsters that take a while to kill. Instead, the monster damage can be boosted.
14. There shouldn't be any monsters that take a long time to kill that also give out very little experience. -It's very unsatisfying.
15. One wave could incorporate a team of bots from the same species and team. For example, players could fight team thundercrash. These bots would be more difficult than the current game difficulty, and their abilities would be predetermined and dependent upon their species. -This would be interesting.
16. Titans shouldn't be throwing rocks with both "direct" ballistics and "leading" ballistics simultaneously. -This makes them very difficult. In fact, I believe the difficulty system treats this method of projectile shooting as "intermediate" while full "leading" ballistics is treated as "hard." That seems backwards.
17. Monsters should have better hitboxes. -Gasbags have a terribly large hitbox, for example.
18. Monsters should have weak points. -This would be interesting.
19. The server should use the krall from UT3 (low-poly versions). -Provides more monsters for the server without defeating the Unreal feel.
20. Nalis should have a chance of dropping a magic weapon (presumably one they have equipped). -This would be interesting.
21. Children of parent monsters should - upon dying - still show an animation and play a sound of them dying rather than just disappearing. -This would make killing child monsters more satisfying.
22. The cells from the original Unreal Gold could be used as invasion monsters. -They would be unique monsters to add to the server.
23. The skeletons of all characters could be used as a themed wave. -Spooky.
24. The server should have a smooth transition of difficulty between waves. -Every server should.
25. Monsters should not be attacking each other at all. -Keep calm, kill players.

(Part 2 Next)

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Oct 15, 2013 4:47 AM
Dragon7350 Member - Joined: Oct 11, 2013
Posts: 152
1. The magic weapons should include weapons of acrobatics: they increase the user's jump height, air control, and double jump count.
2. The magic weapons should include weapons of resupply: they gradually resupply the user's current weapon.
3. The magic weapons should include weapons of health regeneration: they gradually regenerate the user's health.
4. The magic weapons should include weapons of energy regeneration: they gradually regenerate the user's adrenaline.
5. The magic weapons should include weapons of sturdiness: they prevent monster projectiles from shoving the user and they also treat instakilling titan rocks as regular titan rocks.
6. The magic weapons should include weapons of critical strike: they have a good chance of dealing more (or double) damage.
7. The DEK AVRIL damage should be reduced just below the regular AVRIL's damage. -The DEK AVRIL seems overpowered since increased speed is considered better regardless of if the damage-per-second is the same.
8. The DEK lightning gun should return to being a regular lightning gun or have reduced damage. -The DEK lightning gun seems overpowered since increased speed is considered better regardless of if the damage-per-second is the same.
9. The DEK Assault Rifle should instead be a regular assault rifle with gradually replenishing ammo. -Personal preference.
10. The DEK Mercury Launcher is an interesting weapon, but it needs its own model. It also shouldn't replace the rocket launcher. -Personal preference.

11. There should be anti-monster weapons that do more damage to types such as insects, skaarj, titans, armored/metal types, water types, fire types, tech types, etc. -These weapons would make an interesting addition.
12. The server should incorporate some memorable Unreal Gold weapons with new skins (eightball, razorjack). -Remember the eightball and the razorjack? I do.
13. The translocator should have the ability to telefrag enemies. -I miss telefragging.
14. The DEK weapons should be added to the player's weapon list so that the user can choose their own crosshairs.
15. The DEK weapons should be craftable into loaded medic weapons (at least the mercury launcher and the lightning gun). -Personal preference.
16. The DEK Mercury Launcher doesn't need to have an achievement message. -It can get spammy sometimes.
17. If a DEK weapon can't be crafted, it should stop the user from crafting it and display a failure message. -Otherwise, it wastes adrenaline and time.
18. The Rocket Launcher should be able to lock on faster to monsters. -Otherwise, this feature of the weapon is rarely used.
19. The server should allow infinite Link Guns, but with less than the damage-per-second of the regular Link Gun. -That should balance the link gun, right?

1. Maps shouldn't ignore players' ghosting ability upon falling into a hazard. -Sometimes, maps ignore the fact that players have ghost.
2. Maps should be consistent, balanced, and artistically awesome. -Every server should.

1. Bots should be set on a medium difficulty level and not on a higher one, but they should still have the intelligence to put down defense sentinels and/or heal teamates. -Bots can be efficient at stealing player kills if they are too good at the game. They should be more helpful to other players instead.
2. Bots should match the current player levels. -Bots can get unnecessarily powerful and high-levelled.
3. Bots should start off in "Search and Destroy" mode. -Saves time having to tell them to do so, though you could argue it would be better to have them defend you while you are still docile logging in.

1. There should be a class or Weapons Master subclass that focuses on the utilization of a single weapon. The user would be able to build their own weapon the way they want. -This class would be more about how strong the weapon is rather than the player.
2. Adrenaline Masters should only get a couple damaging spells that upgrade through levelling. -Prevents keybinding clutter.
3. Adrenaline Masters should have a subclass focusing on strict damage or strict support.
4. Adrenaline Masters should have a subclass focusing on strict area-of-affect damage or strict single-target damage.
5. Adrenaline Masters should have a subclass focusing on strict weapon modification.
6. Medics should have a different method of healing rather than an infinite healing weapon. Medics could instead heal with a healing gun (with a unique mesh). Medics could do damage with magic attacks related to poison, paralysis, divinity, and other alchemy/holy-related abilities. Medics could also have an ammo-replenishing (and possibly poisoned) weapon rather than an infinite one. -Healing weapons of infinity have always seemed overpowered. The relationships to fantasy RPG's is an odd one, but why not.
7. Medic heal blasts and Engineer shield blasts should cause an effect when first placed down: the blast ball should create blue or yellow lightning bolt links to nearby players. These players should then get a message: "You are about to receive healing/shielding from %player%." -This would help players notice when they are receiving support from others.
8. There should be pets who spawn child monsters such as queens (though they don't have to be able to spawn them). -This would be interesting.
9. Larger pets such as the titan should be smaller in size. -This would help teamates see and shoot around pets.
10. Pet projectiles shouldn't push teamates. -This gets annoying when they do.
11. Medic heal blasts should have an increased radius of static healing (where players are healed the maximum amount). Or the healing done by blasts should be a function of a curve rather than a linear function. -It is difficult to heal teamates for this reason.
12. Artifacts shouldn't be able to instantly hit. -This is a big source of unbalance in PVP games.
13. Those with pets should be able to order their monsters to fight, run, move to specified locations, commit suicide, etc. via artifacts. -Monster Masters need this.
14. There should be remote-controllable turrets for engineers. -This would be interesting.
15. The Tank class should have an artifact that gains all nearby monsters' attention while also increasing damage reduction. -Add flavor to the tank class.
16. As in DC, there should be Engineer classes based on sentinels, turrets, and vehicles. -It was a good idea.
17. There should be a class that focuses on maneuvering rather than dealing damage. Doing damage to monsters increases user speed, weapon speed, and other stats, and doing no damage after a while will cause these stats to decrease back to normal. The class would focus on getting kill streaks and spraying many bullets. This class may also rely on using the boots of flight extensively. -This would be interesting.
18. There should be a class that focuses entirely on telefragging. The translocator could be gradually upgraded by users, and their bodies are treated as weapons by using area-of-effect abilities. This class could be merged with the previous class listed (#11), or it could be a weapon focus used by (#1). -This would be interesting.
19. Some DC subclasses were debatably overpowered such as the Extreme Weapons and Extreme Adrenaline Master subclasses. These would need nerfed. Extreme Weapons would probably need a lower maximum vampirism and damage bonus, and Extreme Adrenaline Masters would need lower maximum adrenaline-based abilities. -I know about being an Extreme Weapons master and I felt very overpowered when I bought the subclass.
20. Beserkers should have an artifact that allows them to instantly dash forward and get in range of monsters. -This would support their close-range playing style.
21. Beserkers should do more damage the more their health gets lower. Perhaps they may also get higher damage reduction at lower health as well (motivating them to use rage weapons). -This fits with the theme of "beserker."
22. Engineers should have the ability to construct a hovering miniature turret that follows the user and fends off monsters. -This would be interesting.
23. Have permanent utilities (maybe a couple) that players can purchase via abilities. These utilities would be artifacts that have long cooldowns. They could be healing artifacts, damaging artifacts, etc. -This would be interesting.
24. Medics should have a subclass called "Paladin" where an emphasis is put on damage rather than healing. This class would mostly tank, deal weapon/artifact damage, and loosely heal. -Just an idea.

(Part 3 Next)

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Oct 15, 2013 4:52 AM
Dragon7350 Member - Joined: Oct 11, 2013
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1. Vehicles shouldn't be able to go through player constructions and blocks. -This would prevent grief and glitching blocks.
2. Other players shouldn't be able to remove blocks unless they own that block. -This would prevent grief.
3. Rideable constructions should have both an eject button and a lock/unlock function.
4. Healing blasts, shield blasts, and other placeable artifacts should follow the Aerial View mutator's crosshair raycasting rather than the front of the player's body. -This prevents people who play 3rd person from using artifacts efficiently.
5. There should be support for extra player taunt animations (Idle_Character03, etc.).
6. Force us to download the Mario 64 level one music.
7. There should be balanced PVP. (Take a look at League of Legends for ideas) -PVP can be very unbalanced. If it can't be properly balanced, it should be replaced with regular deathmatch.
8. Invisibility should prevent monsters from attacking you. The invisibility should stop if the user attacks, and it should use more adrenaline. -Otherwise, invisibility is useless.
9. Aerial view should incorporate players' original crosshairs. -I prefer my crosshairs.
10. Aerial view should have an over-the-shoulder view option. -This would be interesting.
11. Defense sentinels should make monster projectiles disappear via a fading shader effect. -Especially for titan rocks.
12. Players should have a maximum of one double jump. -Four seems like a lot.
13. Players should have a maximum of three levels in quickfoot. -Faster players can run ahead of the slower players and get to kills quicker.
14. Speed boosts should last longer. -Otherwise, speed boost isn't really used.
15. There should be a class, ability, or artifact that turns the user's weapon into an anti-monster weapon. The weapon's target monster would vary depending on the user's current wave.
16. The abilities menu should have the option of being sorted and filtered by user-defined search criteria. The current level of the user should be clearly shown. -Always been a problem.

Bugs to Look Out for:
1. (DC) Using the teleporter in a turret will move the shooting part of the turret to some other location while leaving behind the base of the turret.
2. (DC) Fire titans that kill players will usually crash the server.
3. (DC) If users had adrenal drip and they used speed boost, their adrenaline would be replenished by 100 when they ran out of adrenalin.
4. (DEK) Knockback monsters would cause unmoving constructions to blow up.
5. (ALL) Using beserk causes weapon shooting animations to lose sync with the projectiles that are being shot.
6. (Death Warrant) Using beserk with very, very high weapon speed stats slowed the weapon speed down while active.
7. (ALL) Seeing a blast of any kind at the last moment will animate as if it had just been activated.
8. (ALL) Looking away from sentinels that were busy healing or defending and then looking back at them would cause all their pending healing/defending particles to show up all at once.
9. (ALL) Using a movement-modifying artifact or entering a vehicle/turret at the end of a game will allow the player to move (if they were otherwise frozen).
10. (ALL) Shooting through a dead monster will cause a player's bullets to add blood splats on the dead monster rather than targets behind it.
11. (ALL) Weapons of quickfoot usually don't provide a proper quickfoot boost to players who already have quickfoot.
12. (ALL) Speed boost usually doesn't provide a proper movement speed boost to players who already have quickfoot.
13. (DC) Engineers and Monster Masters often crash upon death.
14. (ALL) Blocks become glitchy when moved by vehicles or turrets.
15. (ALL) Bot characters are left behind at spawn positions when they ghost and die after being replaced by a new player.
16. (DC) Nalis, at one point, caused the server to crash every game. That is why they were removed from DC (but not the vehicle invasion gametype).
17. (ALL) Interupting monsters will cause the monster not to show a shooting animation, catching their targets unawares with a projectile.

Combat Ideas:
1. Have some player abilities activate per how many shots they have fired or how many successfully-hitting shots they have fired. For example, I shoot 5 times with the rocket launcher. The 6th shot deals critical (double) damage to the target and the count is reset.
2. Have a chance for players to deal critical hit damage. -This could be incorporated into the entire framework of the RPG Invasion.

Monster Ideas:
1. A monster that gets stronger the more its health gets lower . . . something akin to a beserker.
2. The boss monsters of Unreal II: Awakening that shoot black hole cannons. The closer players are to the epicenter, the more likely they get sucked in and instakilled.
3. A monster that always gives out a positive artifact, but it has a lot of damage reduction.
4. A monster that shoots a Link Gun alt-fire projectile. Strong monster.
5. A monster with a Link Gun alt-fire projectile that prioritizes boosting other Link Gun shooting monsters. Weak monster.
6. A monster that has state 1) high damage reduction and slow-moving with high attack damage and slow attack speed. State 2) no damage reduction with increased movement speed, low attack damage, and high attack speed.
7. A monster that is only weak against the shield gun, melee attacks, and attacks that are closer in range.
8. A monster that homes in on players and explodes when in range.
9. A monster that shoots watery projectiles onto the floor that remain there for a long duration. The monster becomes more dangerous the more it shoots.
10. Same as #9, but the projectiles are reminescent of oil . . . and another monster lights it on fire.

DEK Monster Input:
1. Ghost and gold monsters aren't very satisfying to shoot and they can rip newcomers to shreds. I suggest removing them or making some form of hit recognition.
2. Add in metal monsters (with a cool shader of course).
3. The off-green/brown flying queens don't attack anyone.
4. The doom wave is very difficult due to the insta-hit raycast projectiles. The biggest doom monster is annoyingly difficult with its large health. Also, the 2d sprites lose some immersion. However, I love that wave because I played doom when I was young (and I probably shouldn't have because my brain got messed up).
5. Floating titans are very difficult.
6. The wave difficulty goes way up at 10 all of a sudden. Maybe smooth out the difficulty at 9.
7. The pokémon seem like a silly addition to the server (But I love the death messages).
8. The purple shock-blast titans, brutes, and krall are very cool. Keep them!
9. The black, wiry, tech monsters are very cool, but they need hit recognition. It's also not obvious for what their abilities are besides their normal monster attacks.
10. The giant goop sliths are memorable, but they easily get interupted by being shot.
11. Making a skaarj sniper/trooper metal or resistant to attack can be annoying. Too much shielding.
12. Fire titans from DC were memorable, but if you use them . . . make sure they don't crash the server.
13. Don't have titans use target-leading on wave 6. Getting past wave 6 is very difficult because of this.
14. More Nali!
15. Cool idea with the blue skaarj (akin to the bio skaarj). I don't know what it does damage-wise, but I'm not wanting to find out.
16. Quake monsters need some remastering: one - upon dying - will continue to make death sounds until its corpse disappears. The straight-shooting monsters don't serve to be powerful opponents, and they give far too much experience due to their large health. The one with the spidery legs, on the other hand, seems impossible to dodge.
17. The beginning waves aren't very satisfying since the monsters are all slower, smaller targets.
18. The flaming and frozen skaarj are neat, but they can be easily dodged.
19. Bring in more monsters at later waves that are dangerous to bases (such as the poison queen).
20. Paralysis and frozenness should be utilized more on later waves.

DC Subclass Balance Issues:
1. The Extreme Medic subclass could receive a ridiculous amount of experience off of bots alone if done right. -Cribbage from DC proved this.
2. The Extreme Weapons Master subclass ripped monsters to shreds at the minimum subclass level alone. -I tried it.
3. The Extreme Adrenaline Master subclass proved that any mortal could enter godhood. -Locrian. 'Nough said.
4. The Vehicle/Turret Specialist subclasses "seemed" overpowered to me with their ion-blasting constructions . . . not that it gave good experience. -Added a degree of repetitiveness to the game.
5. The Base Specialist subclass usually made things way too safe, in my opinion. -Personal experience.
6. The Weapons Master/Engineer hybrid subclass seemed overpowered with its boosted spider mines, but it depended on the map. -I tried it.
7. The Skilled Weapons subclass was a joke compared to the same-requirements Extreme Weapons subclass. -I tried it.
8. The Beserker subclass seemed balanced enough with its lowered tolerance to damage. I never really figured it out. -I tried it.
9. The Tank subclass was interesting and it seemed balanced as well. -I tried it, but it was soooo slow . . .

Good DC Maps:
1. Spacenox
2. Pineridge the Hunt
3. Avali
4. Colonial
5. Dueling Keeps
6. Megawoot
7. Space Lego
8. Hall of Giants
9. Ringball Deaux
10. Grotto
11. Stormwitch
12. (The one with the 2 pirate ships separated by a small island. The water slowly killed you).
13. Unrealville
14. Flat-Final
15. The Living Room
16. (The one with the 2 giant boy and girl room separated by an adjoining hall. Complete with a backyard and a giant table).

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Oct 15, 2013 6:03 AM
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That's quite a post. It's very late so I haven't read it thoroughly, but I do see some great ideas and observations. Some things you brought up, to be honest, that I never noticed or never thought about. However, some bugs and annoying things are the result of core issues with UT2004, UTRPG and other mutators that just aren't feasible to fix.

I'm just one person, not a competent coder at all, and I run a server just for fun. Some of your ideas are great, but would require a team of professional game developers to implement.

What I will be able to do is work on balancing things like the custom weapons, wave configs, and class configs. You've provided some good observations about that, so thanks.

By the way, I actually do have several of the maps you mentioned on the server, including my Lego version of CTF-MegaWoot.

You also mentioned some stuff about a bestiary, DC had one on their wiki I think. I do have a list of magic weapons and many other things to help both new and experienced players in the in-game FAQ.

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