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Recruiting 3 Call of Duty 2 Players for CB Ladder
Greetings everyone,
We're currently recruiting 3x Call of Duty 2 players for CB Ladder.

Requirements for applying and tryout:
* Swedish Player
* Active player to play atleast 1 Clanwar per week at a minimum.
* Cheating players will be kicked out of the clan!
* Have a nice attitude towards other clans and clan members.
* Take a loss just as you would take a win, remember its a teamgame, and if the team falls, its nobodys but everyones fault so do not complain at a specific player in the team.
* Voice Communication with Ventrilo is a must.
* Xfire (Optional)
* IRC is an requirement for the clan, and we would appreciate if everyone applying could join our channel CoN-Clan.

Good luck everyone applying and willing to join us.
Posted by h1de88
Aug 04, 2011 2:26 PM