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The Blitz Continues
This summer has seen many good bloodbaths thus far, but there's still more to come! Our largest priority as of late has been to bring new maps to the front and reinvigorate the battlefield. You may recognize some of these maps from the original Red Orchestra, and we've been able to update and bring them to near-completion as release candidates.

Be on the lookout for: Kaukasus, Odessa, Zhytomir

As well as an improvement update for: Ogledow

We've also added Alligator Creek to our Rising Storm server!

All of these new map additions can be found in the Bloodbath Collection, so be sure to subscribe!

Another big event this past month was the community meeting we held which had over 70 people in attendance on Discord! Clearly, we can all take pride in having an active and participatory community in what is now nearly a five-year-old game. There were many announcements and discussions at the event so be sure to give the podcast a listen!

And as announced at the meeting and to be in-line with our philosophy on transparency, we'll also be providing Monthly Budget Reports from now on so that the community can feel a closer sense of ownership and responsibility towards the servers. Remember, it can't be stressed enough that Bloodbath is community-run and funded. It relies not only on your participation but on your financial support too. So if you truly enjoy and believe in the service that we aim to provide, please Donate Today! We're all in this together.

Finally, if you haven't already, come join us on our Discord. It's been a fantastic tool for bringing people together for friendship and community-bonding than we have ever achieved with TeamSpeak or voice chat on the servers. Even if you're a micless pleb, you can still enjoy the text chat just as well.

Thank you everyone, and we'll be seeing you on the newest, bloodiest front!

Posted by bloodmalice
Jul 21, 2016 4:22 AM