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The Summer Offensive
This past month saw some of the smallest crowds in the overall game population for the year so far, due mostly to all the student gamers busy with school finals and projects. But Bloodbath remained alive as ever, having adapted by changing strategy to focus solely on the Stalingrad server and managed to keep two of its servers full each night. Even our rankings halved to where we're now on the cusp of having two servers in the top 15!

Bloodbath also celebrated its 4th anniversary this past month, having hosted an array of the most ridiculous, absurd-- but fun-- maps in Red Orchestra 2 in a closed-event for all its server regulars. Suffice to say, we set a world record for the most people (72) in a photograph for Candy Land! All those that gave their lives in the epic battles for Cupcake Mountain and Rainbow Bridge shan't be forgotten...

And with the advent of summer crowds soon to descend upon us, Bloodbath is prepared: we will launch our Summer Offensive this coming month by once again filling our Rising Storm server for all its fans! We will further be adding new custom maps into the rotation to freshen things up a bit. And lastly, we will be hosting new events, such as Historical Rotation and Campaign Nights and, quite possibly, a monthly party event (this next one is rumored to introduce a Capture the Flag game mode!) Our friends in the Heroes of the West team will also allow Bloodbath to beta test their newest and upcoming maps too!

As always, you can listen to our monthly meeting podcast to get in on the latest happenings here at Bloodbath.

Thank you for being a part of this family. Good things are coming!
Posted by bloodmalice
May 03, 2016 11:16 AM