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****Important announcement****
Jun 26, 2015 12:53 PM
BWAF-B4LListic Co-Founder - Joined: Feb 08, 2015
Posts: 4

Here at BWAF we're always looking for new ways to improve our group and the experience for players and expand and grow. For a long time people have asked us to accept donations, and have questioned why we've refused. My answer has always been that if people are going to donate money i want to feel like we are providing them with something extra to what they could find somewhere else. Put still lots of people keep asking me, to the point where even other groups are surprised that we refuse, so it got me thinking what to do next if we are going to accept donations, so this is what i have come up with......
1st of all i have today secured the web address -, and we will be launching a website as soon as possible. It will be used for all sorts of things, including trying to expand our community........this includes other games besides DayZ.
Next we are branching out, we love CSGO and so do some of you so.....BWAF has now become the proud owner of BWAF:GO, a 32slot CSGO server smile emoticon
Now as far as the donations go, really had to feel like we could give something extra back so we've decided on this - Regular monthly donations of £2.50+ will get you your own TS channel, we will promote your youtube/twitch ect for the month (without it being spammy) and you will get a donators icon in TS.
Entry into BWAF:GO+, which will include a league made up of members teams, which will compete together as practice and as part of the league.
Also from those matches Kills will be recorded for a member ranking, with some prizes for most kills over a set period.
Regular donators of £5+ a month will get all the above, and.......access to the new **Blue Waffle Attack Force #4 Training grounds server** a Donators only server.
This will be a whitelisted server, for use as you wish until persistence is fully working. Once persistence is working and tents are useful and barricading ect starts, we will be splitting the map into zones, and donators will be assigned a zone which is their land to use for bases. Then at regular intervals we we hold days/nights where bases raiding is allowed and invasions from 1 zone to another. It will never be a completley safe server thats not what we want, but persistent items will obviously be a lot safer, and the zone/faction wars will be great fun as im sure a lot of the donators will be friends or know each other in game. 1 thing that i will be very clear on is that we will stand for no abuse of the members server, and anyone caught using it to ghost into, out of, or travel from a-b during a combat situation will be banned from the servers, and believe me i will watch the logs for it, the server is not there to impact on the experience of players on the other servers in a negative way.
So there you go Waffles, sorry it was so long but there you go.
Whats your thoughts and feedback, who's interested ect ?