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|AU-BC| would like to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Dec 31, 2010 9:28 AM
As you know we are looking for new members. So we are asking all of our members to ask other bad company 2 players if they are interested in join our clan. If they say yes please give them this website and ask them to sign up and add either Madman_Rj or Flightman90
Dec 29, 2010 4:50 AM
As we all know DICE recently released 4 new maps to Bad Company 2 multiplayer maps. Harvest Day, Oasis, Cold War and Heavy Metal were all released in the 7th VIP Map Pack on the 1st of December. This LONG awaited DLC was gladly accepted from the Battlefield Community.
This is a description of all the maps;

Harvest Day - Previously a BC1 map this map was re-released on BC2 with Destruction 2.0. The map can be played in all game modes.

Oasis - Also from BC1, this map was re-released for BC2 with Destruction 2.0. It is also playable in all 4 game modes.

Cold War - Originally a Singleplayer map, Cold War was edited and fit into BC2 multiplayer. It is available for Rush, Squad Deathmatch and Squad Rush game modes.

Heavy Metal - The largest map in BC2, this map was also originally in BC2 singleplayer. It is available for all modes but rush.

Here's this weeks poll;
In your opinion..

1. Which is the best new map?

2. What is the best rush map?

3. What is the best conquest map?

4. What is the worst map?

Madman Rj
Dec 11, 2010 12:58 AM
Discussion Day #2 - The Best and Worst Bad Company 2 Weapons
Battlefield Bad Company 2 offers a huge variety of weapons from shotguns to Sniper Rifles. This week we will decide which weapon is the best, noobiest, hardest the worst in the game.
Here are the nominees for the best weapon;
1. An-94 Abakan
2. Aks 74-U Krinkov
3. UMP-45
4. MG36
5. VSS Special
6. M416
7. Neostead 2000 Combat

The noobiest weapon;

1. M2 Carl Gustav
2. An-94 Abakan
3. 40mm Gernade Launcher
4. M60 Lmg.
5. M24 Sniper Rifle

The hardest gun to use;

1. M14 Mod 0 Enhanced
2. Spas 12
3. M1 Garand
4. 40mm Smoke Launcher

The Worst Gun;

1. Pkm Lmg
2. Gol Sniper Rifle
3. Spas 12
4. M1A1 Thompson
5. Uzi
6. G3

Also I would like to follow up about our clan tags. We have decided to scrap the idea of using different tags as it would be to difficult and everone should be equal in te clan. We have decided to change just the clan leaders tag only slightly so members and non members can recognise leaders.

Madman Rj
Nov 03, 2010 2:16 AM
Discussion Day #1 - Vietnam
The topic is all fresh in our minds at the moment, Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam is set to be the first expansion pack for BC2. The expansion pack will be including 4 *NEW* (not maps referbished from the old Vietnam game) from the Veitnam era. The expansion pack will be $15

There will be 15 new weapons and 6 new vehicles which also come from the era. The weapons in Bad Company 2 can not be used in the game, but the weapons from the expansion may be able to be used in the normal version after you buy it. The 1960's did not have as advanced technology as current day, so there will be no motion sensors, tracking systems, uav's, repair tools, defribulator, C4, mortar stikes and the only guns that will have scopes are the sniper rifles. DICE claims that this makes the game more up-close and fun, like the old Battlefiled games. The repair tool, defib and c4 will be replaced by a Blowtorch, syringe and dynamite respectively.
There is a thread (posted by my lovely assistant flightman90 ) that goes more in depth about the expansion pack in our forum.

The question of the week is - Will you be buying the expansion pack and if so, why?

Also, I would like to propose a change in the clan tags so it will be easy to identify what rank you are in the clan.
Recruit (lvl 0-9) - [AU-BC]
Corporal (10-19) - [-AU-BC-]
Lieutenant (20-29) - [~AU-BC~]
General (30-39) - [<AU-BC>]
Field Marshal (40-50) - [+AU-BC+]
Clan Leader - [|AU-BC|]

If you like the idea post yes, if you don't post no.

Madman RJ
Nov 01, 2010 2:10 AM
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AU Clan Leader
Madman Rj
AU Clan Leader
AU General
AU Lieutenant
AU Lieutenant
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About Us
|AU-BC| ( Aussie Battlefield Clanners) is an Australian Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC gaming clan.
Currently we are recruiting players for Bad Company 2.
If you wish to join, please send either Madman_Rj or Flightman90 a friend request and apply for the team.
If you play Age of Empires 3 join our sister clan |AU-EC| (Aussie Empire Clanners)
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