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Forum Home > General Discussion > Permanent Ban of SK Geekmun
Permanent Ban of SK Geekmun
Oct 26, 2008 5:00 PM
Non-member Joined: Oct 26, 2008
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Would like a chance to explain my side of the situation. He repeatedly flash-banged me 6 times. He tked my 3 times. I asked him to stop. but he continued. I then tked him on respawn. He then purposely trapped my in a corner. I tked. He then blocked my exit from a building and LOLed when I was killed by the enemy. I left the server. I rejoined and entered a building. I went upstairs. I thought I saw an enemy come in behind my and dropped a grenade down the stairs. When I saw it was Joker, I immediately appologized. Someone said it was weak and then I was banned without a chance to talk to the admin that banned me. I will come on comms and explain in person if you need.

Others had asked Joker to stop flash banging friendlies but he kept doing it. I realize I was wrong to TK and I apologize for my actions. I should have left if I had problems with the way a player was acting.

My X-fire account is geekmun.

I have vent and team speak if you would like to talk.

Thank You for listening.