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Aug 14, 2011 12:45 AM
Non-member Joined: Dec 16, 2010
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My name on server was iW 1mpulse. I got banned after being good apparently. I have been playing on/off on that server since 2008 and probably know more about what it means to play COD4 than any of the new people on there. I remember when the server was people like Grim or whatever his name was and cooler people like that. I came on the server and they kept yelling at me for spawn killing when i was running around.

When their own teammate (i don't remember what his name was) ran around and everybody on the server was yelling at HIM for spawn killing and not me, he goes off to say spawn running and the admin that yelled at me was all "oh ya, there's a difference between those two". the sad part about that silly thing is i never stay in one spot for too long. One kill leads on to the next, and the others follow suite. I tried giving this guy named TANK a lesson in what spawn camping was and he finally gave up and told me to JUST PLAY and i kept going and the whole server knew i was right and said why don't you just beat the dead horse.

Next day i come on I'm faced with the same problem. A person named TANK and his ignorant army behind him. It's like trying to yell at the president that he's being unfair and him going "LOL WHAT YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT" in the form of "i don't want to hear it". After having enough i started picking at them like spectating and finding them doing all those "naughty" things they'd find me doing and once they have had enough of me, they banned me. But what i found weird about this ban, was the fact that it kicked me for (in their own stupid language, you can tell it wasn't the server typing to me), "banned for previous PUNKBUSTER problems. Permanently banned". Now i know that's obviously not a legitimate punkbuster problem, but i find their douche baggery very annoying and i would like some respect from them instead of constant getting watched and told not to do this and that while their own teammates do the same thing right before their eyes and all they do is go "haha, good one 'xxxx'". I would like to get unbanned and start off with them appreciating my skills and not just assume I'm hacking or spawn camping them, because I'm really not.

I thought about recording a demo of a game and showing all the bs moments that happen and how they are only strict with good people and not bad people. Every time i tell them to quit being unfair, they tell me that if i don't like this server, go play on other ones, but the truth is, IT HAPPENS ON ALL THE SERVERS, some which i am banned for THE SAME REASON.

On a black ops server that i play on called aAa DOM which is a top 100 server i was suspected of hacking, but after the admins gave me a fair search of what i was doing, they protected me from getting banned for stupid reasons like, as such, the nMg server banning me for. So please just unban me, because it's really not fun.