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Preformance Tips Go Here
May 29, 2012 7:50 PM
Dipper Jedi Knight - Joined: Mar 24, 2012
Posts: 65
I would like to start this thread, as some do not have super computers.
I would like to start the thread by listing my main ideas as to the use of this thread, followed by my OWN question to each of you.

1. People who have computer issues can come here to ask for help.
2. People looking for info on speeding their computer up for video games can ask here.
3. People wishing to find information about upgrades, where to buy, how to find, what to get can ask here.
4. People who have bugs in America's Army or other games related to performance can ask here.

This thread is dedicated to performance, not AA3 bug fixes like getting stuck, but instead how to make the game run smoother, and other games as well.


I have a good computer, in fact it's my dream pc I've always wanted, the only downside is the CPU, it is not the best, but it does well enough.

I from time to time, not all the time, but occasionally have issues from it. Things like skipping come into place, this effects the game and its audio, mimicking a crash or lock up for about half a second at a time, a flash or hiccup you could say.

My problem is not always with AA, but I am noticing it in other games too.

I've heard of using Task Manager to make games run better, programs making it run smoother, and closing background applications as well.

I've looked on the task manager when having these CPU hiccups, and it is usually not 100% usage, so my CPU shouldnt be locking up or hiccuping... yet sometimes it is 100%.

I've also looked under processes, and while there are many many in the list, only a few show CPU usage above 1, around 3 or 4 most. And even then it doesnt take it all up.

The question is, how can I boost my CPU? How can I find out what programs to close as the CPU usage does not tell me any are using much of it?
"Where most take the long road ahead or even the rough one, I shall always take the road with many Dips about it's length." - Unknown Wiseman.
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May 30, 2012 6:19 AM
First of all there are tons of tutorials and programs to increase your performance BUT most of them don't work or only a little so that u don't realize the increased performance AND it allways depends on your computer whether a program works fine or not (for example gamebooster slows my games down but lots of people say it's an awesome tool).

1. Go to your power options and see whether your cpu is running on 100% on some PCs the power-options are set to balanced and than u won't get a 100% out of it.

2. While in game open the taskmanager go to process search the aa3 process right click on it and set the priority to high (you won't see differences in the game while running normally but sometimes the crashes are caused cuz a other program need some cpu power for a short time and than you will loose that on the game. Set the priority never to real time cuz that can cause a computer crash (normally happens only if your computer is far to bad for a program you set to high priority)

3. Install the gamebooster tool . You can define which processes will be shut down when playing a game that will give you some more CPU and ram. (For me this program doesn't work but as I already said lots of people say it's the best program ever)

4. You can try to overclock your CPU but I can't give u any tips on how to do it cuz I have never tried it (you should only make it if you have a PC with enough cooling and don't overdo it or u will destroy your CPU)

5. You can alter the network setting in the video-settings of AA3. Nobody can really explain what this option does but depending on the server u are playing on it can reduce lag somewhat (you just have to try the 3 different setting a little to find the best I'm doing the same right now).

6. This is a point which increases performance in general and it's more for people with a bad PC but maybe it's useful for u,too : you can alter the AA3 game.ini somewhat (it's not cheating as long as you only alter the things shown in all the performance guides if you mess around with more settings it can be seen as cheating and some servers have special programs to control the ini and will kick u then) if u search in google u will find tons of those performance guides

I know that not all of these tips are related to your problems Dipper (or at least the don't seem to) But the big problem with trying to fix such problems is that u sometimes have to change things you never would have thought of and that sometimes you just won't get anything out of a thing. For example I have a very bad PC and it took me weeks to get it running at least mostly without to bad lag.
May 31, 2012 4:41 AM
Non-member Joined: Feb 16, 2012
Posts: 97
Thx Hawk for that helpfull stuff.

I only want to ad that point 2 dosent work as well, if u restart the game the process priority will set back to lower as normal if u start americas army with the AA3 loader on the desktop.

If u can programm a little bit better u can create a bat. file and write the path and set the priority to what you like but that dosent work very well or lets say its not so easy

So you can use an another way that I found out, if I launch the game from the loader aa3 process is set to lower as normal but if you start the game from AA3 game binaries folder the priority will set to normal so the game get some more power and you can crate a shortcut on the desktop instead the normal loader icon. (this is an issue for some errors)

Hope that stuff will help some of ya.

Nov 24, 2012 3:51 AM
Lanzelot1972*GER* Rebel Alliance - Joined: Feb 19, 2012
Posts: 6
Hallo Leute
Ich möchte gerne eine lösung zu meinem problem mit meinem labtop
Ich hab ein labtop mit E450 mit HD 6320
Das problem Startmenu ingame 60 fps / 40 zu 25 und tiefer aber nur auf den servern
wie fix ich die fps
für tips danke ich

Ps :Ich denke es liegt irgend wie am turbocache das dieser nicht konstant ist
Nov 24, 2012 5:50 AM
Non-member Joined: Feb 16, 2012
Posts: 97
Hey Lanzelot1972*GER*,
hoffe dir gehts gut?

Hmm sag mal ist das Problem plötzlich aufgetreten oder war das von Anfang an da und auf welchen Grafikeinstellungen spielst du, bzw. hast du irgendetwas verändert?

Lieben Gruß
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Nov 24, 2012 11:39 AM
Also wie immer sind meine Vorschläge eher ein rumgerate als wissen aber ein Versuch ist es ja trotzdem wert

zum Thema turbocache:
Nvidia bietet Grafikkarten mit sogenanntem Turbo Cache Feature an bei bei
ATI nennt es sich "Hypermemory". Meist steht bei der Produktinfo ein Hinweis wie :"Supporting 128Mb DDR" (unterstützt 128 MB DDR).

Man ist nun verleitet zu glauben daß diese Grafikkarte nun 128 MB Speicher besitzt, was aber falsch ist.

Denn sie sogenannte Turbo-Cache Bzw Hypermemory Technologie verwendet Hauptspeicher! • Bei 256MB Hauptspeicher: 32MB, bei 512MB 96MB. Die 128 MB stellen also die maximale Größe des verwendbaren Hauptspeichers da. Weiters sind Turbo-Cache Grafikkarten langsamer als Grafikkarten mit voller Speicherbestückung, da diese Karten nur ein 32-Bit Speicherinterface besitzen.

Moderne Grafikkarten besitzen zumindes ein 128-Bit breites Speicherinterface.

Solange man nur Büroarbeiten erledigt fallen diese Engpässe nicht ins Gewicht, will man aber aktuelle Spiele starten, so verwandelt sich das grafische Spektakel in eine Diashow.

Fazit: Lieber ein paar Euro drauf legen und dafür eine Grafikkarte besitzen die hält was sie verspricht.

Keine Ahnung ob dieser Bericht stimmt, scheint mir aber logisch.

Tipps die die performance verbessern sollten:

1. 60 FPS im Menü deuten darauf hin, dass du die FPS regulierung nicht deaktiviert hast (ist standardmäßig an). Daher mal in der engine.ini [Engine.GameEngine]
bSmoothFrameRate=False setzen. Die regulierung die sonst gemacht wird kann etwas komisch sein und tendiert dazu dich auszubremsen.

2. Vsync aktiviert??? Wenn ja deaktivieren.

PS: Ich hoffe du kannst das Porblem endlich lösen, dann sieht man dich auch endlich wieder im Spiel

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Dec 02, 2012 4:44 AM
3. Ich hatte das Problem, dass meine Fps immer stark geschwankt hat (20-100). Schlussendlich lag es daran, dass meine Grafikkarte versucht hat Energie zu sparen und immer die Leistung zurückgefahren hat.
Schau also mal in die Erengieoptionen des PCs und in die des Grafikkartentreibers und stelle auf immer volle Leistung.

i just want to summarize the problem Lanzelot has because maybe one of you can help to fix it.
He bought a new Laptop (E450 with a HD 6320) now if he wants to play he has about 60fps in the menu and about 20 fps in game. He thinks it has something to do with the turbocache of the graphic card.
So if anyone knwos something about the problem please post your solution (if there is one at all)
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Dec 02, 2012 4:56 AM