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Regulations of CLAN
1. If Clan member becomes idle for more than 20 days, Owner has the right to remove AWOL member from clan. (AWOL = absent without leave) Reasons for absence for longer than 20 days must be made known to Owner to avoid removal from clan. Any member after 20 days absence will need to re-apply to join clan.

2. All clan members must display (BSC) tag. Members not displaying tag will face demotion or possible removal from the clan. Players who display BSC tag that are not members will be asked to remove tag until the player has been approved by Owner.

3. All clan members will display (BSC) tag on Game Tracker. Add a nickname to your profile on Game Tracker in option GAMER NICKNAMES

4. The use of Bad Language, Name Calling or Racist remarks will not be tolerated on the BSC server. Offenders will be kicked from the room until these requests are met. Constant offenders will be banned. Any player being disrespectful to clan members will be punished more severely.

5. BSC rules are displayed in two languages during game play and must be obeyed at all times, Auto Kick is in operation and constant offenders will be banned. Admin will also monitor the room and will advise any player stepping outside the rules before taking action.

6. Sniping is also classed as Camping, if you use sniper rifles, you must move around the map and not sit in one place.

7. All BSC Members must issue 3 warnings to offenders explaining why the player is breaking server rules. These 3 warnings MUST be issued before kicking offender.

7a. Decisions to Permanently Ban Players will be made by 2 Master Admins and/or 2 Internals.

8. Complaints about Clan Members or any Questions, Please contact (BSC)Macabros /(BSC)Gavinski.

9. Clan members cannot use P90 or Juggernaut. We care about the good reputation of the clan.


No Marty
No RPG, “even on Helicopter”
No Last Stand
No Claymores
No Tubes
No C4
No Camping “even with sniper rifle”

No Bad Language, Name Calling or Racist remarks.

10. a. A Rookie is subordinate (lesser) to Owner, Internal, Master Admin & Admin.

b. Decisions made by Admins will never be challenged. (See 8 above if you need to make a complaint)

c. Internal is Right Hand Man (Owner)

d. Only Admins can organise a special match, Knife only, Pistol only etc.

e. Only Master Admins can change maps.

11. Every Clan Member can take part at sparring (matches with another Clan).

Matches are played on our Team Death Match Server …. (BSC)TDM.

12. We want players to enjoy their time on BSC server and encourage players to join the clan but most of all, have fun.
Feb 20, 2013 4:49 AM
(BSC) tag on gametracker

As you can see in 3th article of clan rules all clan members have to set their (BSC) tag on gametracker. Its important for us to see your score and game time.

If you don't know how to do it, here is a small tip.
1. Go to your account, here on gt.
2. At the bottom you have "MY NICKNAMES".
3. Type your in-game nick with (BSC) and choose from result one from (BSC)BROADCAST server.
4. Click "ADD".
5. Now go to clan site and "CLAN MEMBERS" list.
6. One more time type your in-game nick with (BSC) tag and click "UPDATE"
7. That's all. Thank you!
Posted by ali4   0 Comments
Apr 24, 2012 11:57 AM
New recruits must provide their Name, Age, guid number they must also be recommended by a Owner,Internals or Masters Admins. Minimum of 30 hours of play on our server (to check on gametracker).
They are also required to clearly define their career path within the clan. Application has to be in English language
The option of application is under list of members of clan.
Posted by ali4   0 Comments
Apr 10, 2012 10:24 AM
1. Owner
2. Internal Department(Right Hand Man)
3. Master Admin - kick, change to other maps from time to time or by special request players
4. Admin- only kick
5. Junior-Admin-it uses command:
!kick (kick 0 min)
!warn (3x warn=kick 30 min)
6. Recruit-test period
Posted by ali4   1 Comment
Feb 10, 2012 6:19 PM
There are no servers assigned to this clan.
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