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Request Server Reranking and Unbans
Sep 03, 2012 10:39 AM
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How do I appeal a ban/derank?

Step 1: Review our information on bans/deranks

We do not provide information on bans beyond the content you can find in these topics.
All information we provide on why bans/deranks occur are listed in:

Step 2: You must meet these conditions before we consider your request

1) Server must be online.
2) Server must have 3 or fewer undetected bots or idlers.
3) Server must be running a supported game.
4) Trade/idle/achievement maps must not be running (TF2 or CSGO).

Step 3: Make a post in this topic and provide us:

Server Name:
Join Port:
Query Port:

We only need the query port if it is different than the join port.

Note: We do not need any additional messages in your post.

Step 4: Wait

It typically takes about 4-7 days for a review to be completed.
When we have reviewed your server, your post will be deleted.
After you see your post was deleted, please checked to see if we did anything.

If you are not successful:

You may not have met the posted requirements.
Some bans may be permanent, such as repeated incidents.
It may be your fault; or, it may be the fault of a prior server owner.
Not all servers will be unbanned/reranked. We have lives. We are not here to parent you or your server.

1) Make a second request. Before you post it review the information in this topic again.
2) Choose one of the following:
- Live with it.
- Get a new port (if the entire IP is not banned)
- Get a new IP
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Note: I am a community user. I only provide support via the forums.

Reporting abuse | Guides & FAQ
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Jan 18, 2017 8:20 PM
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Sir Competitor Ts3 servers I was a 1-week business trip. They have deployed boats and report to my ts3. and dropped my NR. you know a new ts3 I am a nice guy lookin sokabılır with unlimited KLM pers. 100 stick by one bot in me gametracker report NR State. Aduwo
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Hello please add rank on this lp am new owner on this server regrads

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Please unban.

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