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Clan Information
=SASS= (Saturday and Sunday Soldiers)
Servers: 3 BF4, 2 BF3

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Jun 15, 2010 9:42 PM
Rank Gm Name   Players Loc Map
103 =SASS= MAX RANK 60 - Noobs learn to play 31/32 Germany Kharg Island
340 =SASS= Noshahr Asylum 14/24 Germany Noshahar Canals
2368 =SASS= Communications Join 11/40 France TeamSpeak 3
1807 =SASS= The Asylum 15/24 Germany MP_Flooded
3634 =SASS= Super Extreme NAVAL STRIKE WEEKS 0/34 Germany XP2_004
501 =SASS= O=];;;;;> Knife & Pistol Only <;;;;;[=O 30/32 Germany MP_Siege
About Us
The =SASS= Community has 12 BC2 servers (7 in Europe and 5 in USA)

All our servers stream to PBBans, and we do our best to keep the cheaters off. However, no anti cheat software is infallible. Thats where the admins come in.

We Have no age limit but do ask that you are mature and responsible. You need to have an XFire account. You need to be active on our servers and our forums. You need to have Teamspeak 3 installed and a working mic. You can not have a history of cheating or hacking. Cheating is simply not acceptable.

We are a PC only clan, based in the UK, focusing on FPS multiplayer games. We are a multigame clan, and have servers for most of the more popular games. We will have a 64 slot BF3 server when BF3 comes out and 3 more BF3 servers are planned.

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Saturday & Sunday Soldiers
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